How This Apparel Brand Made $155K in Additional Revenue Using Messenger and SMS


“Once it started growing, it just didn’t stop.”

We love seeing ecommerce brands achieve success.

We especially love it when we can be a part of that journey. That’s why the Octane AI team was thrilled when the fitness apparel brand, DOYOUEVEN, used Facebook Messenger and SMS automation to increase its revenue by 10%!

By utilizing Octane AI’s suite of tool to build a conversational automation strategy, DOYOUEVEN had the following results:

  • An additional $155,000 in monthly revenue.
  • A 10% lift in overall revenue.
  • Over 1000 orders in 30 days.

What’s great about these results is that the conversational strategy DOYOUEVEN has created can be done with any other ecommerce apparel brand on Shopify that has traffic on Facebook or Instagram. 

DYE gear

If you haven’t leveraged Facebook Messenger automation for your ecommerce store yet, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to send personalized messages that your customers will care about. This will seriously boost your engagement rates, and as a result, increase your revenue. With the right strategy, you can get your sales to skyrocket. If you aren’t sure how to do that, that’s what Octane AI is here for! 

We’ll share some of DOYOUEVEN’s strategy in this article, but you can download the complete case study to see exactly what DOYOUEVEN did to achieve such a high revenue lift. But, before we dive into the strategy, let’s talk about what DOYOUEVEN is and the challenges it was facing. Then, we’ll dive into the automation strategy that helped the business grow its revenue like crazy.

Do you want to see screenshots and the complete strategy DOYOUEVEN used? Our case study features screenshots, results, set-up, integrations, and more!

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Launched in 2012, DOYOUEVEN is about helping people pursuit physical fitness. They sell a range of performance and fitness apparel that is meant to make people feel confident, comfortable, and motivated to explore physical activity. The brand’s slogan is “Leave your mark,” and their goal is to be a part of everyone’s fitness journey: from the hardships to the best parts. 

DOYOUEVEN calls their logo, The Mark, which they say embodies a state of ‘readiness.”

“It's ascending, linear, and sharp structure was designed to symbolise a logo of empowerment. The significance of wearing the ‘mark’ is to empower you, to be prepared to take on the journey ahead. Ready for the challenge. Ready for the rise. And ready to leave your mark.”

DYE logo

DOYOUEVEN was seeing success with their regular email marketing tactics, but they were challenged with the ability to reach their Facebook community in way that was meaningful and personalized. They were trying to figure out how they could engage with their customers through this channel. 

The brand eventually found out that Facebook Messenger was an untapped channel. It isn't cluttered with a lot of other marketing noise like email is, it's more personalized, and it's a direct way to reach customers where they can instantly receive the message. 

What they came to realize was that they had a ton of customers on Facebook that were ready to become subscribers as soon as the opportunity came; DOYOUEVEN just didn’t have the tools yet to reach these customers. That’s why they decided to talk to Octane AI. Once they had the tools in place, their subscriber list grew massively (and their revenue grew with it). 

DOYOUEVEN used four main tools with Octane AI to overcome their challenge: Opt-in tools, revenue-generating flows, Facebook ads, and messaging campaigns. With these tools and features, DOYOUEVEN found so much success; in fact, they mentioned that the cart abandonment and opt-in tools are their favorite: 

“It’s given us broader access to our customers and that extra communication has helped create so much additional revenue!”

We’ll share some of the tactics they used for opt-in tools and revenue-generating flows. But if you want to learn how they leveraged Facebook ads and created messaging campaigns, you can read all about it in the case study!  

DYE results

Opt-ins tools

The opt-ins tools that DOYOUEVEN use include the following: 

  • The exit-intent pop-up.
  • The add to cart checkbox.
  • The order status page button.

All of these appear on different pages on the site, and they help get site visitors and customers to subscribe to DOYOUEVEN’s Messenger channel. Customers have many opportunities to opt-in, whether they’re about to leave the site, looking at a product, or about to check-out items. The most successful tool is the exit-intent pop-up. In fact, almost half of the $155,000 that was made in 30 days was a direct result of the exit-intent pop-up feature. 

Screen Shot 2020-06-04 at 11.12.16 AM

If you’re not sure what an exit-intent pop-up is, that’s okay—we’ll explain. An exit-intent pop-up is a website pop-up that gets automatically triggered when a visitor indicates that they’re about to leave the website. For example, if you start to hover your cursor towards closing the website, the pop-up will appear and try to get the visitor to stay and continue shopping. This has been a really successful tool for DOYOUEVEN, converting over 12,000 website visitors in just 30 days. 

Revenue-generating flows

Using both Messenger and SMS, DOYOUEVEN created custom flows that retarget customers who visit the site but never complete a purchase. They send cart abandonment messages on Messenger or SMS, and they send browse abandonment reminders over Messenger for any visitors that browse certain products but don’t add any items to their cart. With extremely high open rates, these personalized messages have worked to generate over $55,000 in revenue for DOYOUEVEN. 

DYE abandoned cart example

Are you ready to see the full strategy that DOYOUEVEN created to see amazing revenue results with opt-in tools, flows, Facebook ads, and messaging campaigns? Download the full case study to get the full strategy, screenshots, and more!

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There are so many reasons why Facebook Messenger is a valuable tool for Shopify ecommerce brands to leverage. Aside from the obvious high open rates and click-through-rates compared to email, it’s an awesome way to make your messages more personalized and impactful for every visitor and customer. 

On a high-level, here are a few reasons why your Shopify store should consider using Octane AI to build conversational automation to funnel more visitors toward becoming subscribers and purchasers. 

Customers have the power to give you permission to message them

There’s no annoying surprises when it comes to connecting with your customers through Facebook Messenger. When visitors choose to interact with you through your Messenger chat, opt-in through a pop-up, or click an opt-in button on your website, they’re giving your brand permission to message them. So aside from targeting visitors and customers with paid ads, you have the opportunity to send value-added messages to those who’ve given you the OK. This way, there are no surprises, and they’re likely waiting for you to share something good with them over Messenger. 


Just like email, you can automate interactive messages on Messenger

Just like how you set up automated emails through your ESP, you can build the same automated conversations and flows for Messenger too. But, the beauty of Messenger is that customers get notified about the message right away, which is part of the reason why brands that talk to their customers over Messenger see such high open rates and click-through-rates. As soon as a visitor gives you permission, your brand is able to use Octane AI to set up an automation that triggers personalized messages to every customer to help guide them along the buyer’s journey

Types of messages you can automatically send over Facebook:

  • Cart abandonment
  • Browse abandonment
  • Welcome series
  • Replenishment
  • Order confirmation
  • Delivery confirmation
  • Custom messages


If there’s one thing that DOYOUEVEN believes, it’s that you shouldn’t wait to set up your Messenger automation strategy. In fact, they told the Octane AI team that they felt silly for not jumping into Facebook Messenger automation earlier:

“Quit waiting and jump on it! It’s such a missed opportunity for growing your subscriber list and earning untapped and lost revenue. It’s not quite as cluttered and competitive as the rest of the digital marketing avenues out there.”

While it’s still an open channel for ecommerce businesses to reach their customers in a direct and personalized way, you’ll have the opportunity to increase your subscriber list by a ton, leverage your Facebook community that’s waiting for you, and boost your revenue!

The Octane AI platform makes it very easy to set up the right Facebook Messenger and SMS automation for your Shopify store

Want to set everything up yourself?

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Good luck with boosting your sales!

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This article originally appeared in the OctaneAI blog and has been published here with permission.

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