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How To Back Up Confluence Data


Confluence is a remote-friendly communications workspace where distributed teams meet, knowledge is shared, and collaboration kicks into high gear.

Here are some of the reasons more businesses (in fact, over 75,000 of them) are using and loving this platform:

  • It creates a source of the truth, allowing companies to harness their teams’ collective knowledge and deliver easy-to-find answers to everyone.
  • It helps drive project work forward by offering everything from actionable meeting notes to inspiring project plans within a single, flexible workspace.
  • Its social, modern intranet functionality enables cross-functional teams to share announcements and give and receive instant feedback, all of which help strengthen the overall company culture.

Confluence also comes with best-practice templates, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel. It’s quick and easy to get started and maintain consistency across teams and projects.

How does Confluence transform team collaboration? Watch this demo to learn more!

Why do you need to back up Confluence?

Confluence sites are protected by privacy controls and data encryption and meet industry-verified compliance standards. This is great, but when it comes to account-level data protection, SaaS platforms such as Atlassian are only responsible for restoring their entire platform, not your Confluence account.

And SaaS outages do happen periodically. For example, in early April of this year, Atlassian customers lost access to their products in an outage spanning up to 14 days.

Atlassian has a stellar reputation in the realm of data privacy and security and is renowned for maintaining a comprehensive data management program with published SLAs and a history of exceeding these SLAs. However, as with most SaaS providers, their Shared Responsibility Model limits their responsibility for the platform as a whole.

While Atlassian does perform regular platform-wide backups, they can’t be used to restore individual account-level data. Atlassian states that, as the user, you’re responsible for creating backups of your data.

The key takeaway is that with cloud-based software providers, if the worst happens, the onus is on you to restore your data – a process that could involve hours, days, or even weeks of manual work. And that’s only if you have copies of the most recent data on hand.

This points to the need for a reliable third-party backup solution for your Confluence account to:

  • Recover your account after a disaster or cyber attack
  • Protect your data from human errors or accidental deletions
  • Meet your disaster recovery plan and compliance needs

Rewind Backups for Confluence

With the risk of data loss looming, many businesses are prioritizing data security solutions for Confluence. And many are engaging with Rewind to access automated Confluence backups and on-demand restores.

With Rewind, you can automate your backups and recover your Confluence account from any disaster or data loss in just a few clicks – without any coding, tickets, or maintenance. Here’s what we back up:

  • Pages
  • Spaces
  • Blog posts
  • Attachments
  • Comments
  • Templates
  • Themes

We offer automatic daily backups for an unlimited number of users and provide unlimited cloud storage on the Rewind Vault. For more details on our comprehensive data coverage, click here.

Backing up Confluence with Rewind: How it works

When you initiate a restore on the Rewind platform, your instance will be restored exactly back to how it was on the date you selected. Your current data as of the date of the initiation will be replaced with the data saved in the backup snapshot taken the day you’ve selected to restore to. So, if on Wednesday, you restore your data back to Monday, any changes made on Tuesday will not be present. Please note that when restoring resources, Rewind will not delete any resources, but simply update them as part of the restore process.

Rewind Backups for Confluence includes unlimited backup storage on Rewind’s secure and redundant cloud without any additional cost to you. Setup is easy, and our expert support agents are available seven days a week to answer any questions. Rewind is SOC 2 Type 2 compliant; read more about how Rewind secures your data.

If your business uses Confluence, Rewind Backups for Confluence should be an essential element of your data security strategy.

Special thanks to our friends at Rewind for their insights on this topic.
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