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How To Bring Crispness To Blurred Images Online?

An online photo of a man with pink hair against a yellow background.

Have you ever got a low-quality photo on your computer or phone and wondered if it’s possible to upscale it without losing details?

While tons of tools can get the work done, there are hardly any fundamental tools that get your photos upscaled online for free.

In this article, you’ll go through one such free online video editor and image editor that does what it claims- enlarging your blurred images for high crispness. You’ll learn how to use the tool and some top-notch advantages.

Best Technique To Make Your Blurred Photos Crisp

Use AI Image Enlarger Tools

The best way to get your images enlarged 100% safely is to use an online image enlarger. Using an image enlarger such as CapCut AI image more upscale is highly recommended due to several advantages. Using CapCut online image enlarger eliminates the need to download any tools on your device. That’ll save a lot of disk space, and the risk of data theft from your device is nil.

AI image enlargers use Artificial Intelligence, which takes your images and adds resolution using predefined libraries.

Advantages Of CapCut Image Upscaler

Below are some brief advantages of the CapCut Image Upscaler tool you should know about:

Quick Upscaling

Visit the website and follow the quick guidelines. You’ll be able to get your images upscaled to perfection in no time. Depending on the internet speed, the process can take a few seconds.

No Errors

It’s the beauty of CapCut that there will be no error during the process. This means that you’re going to get the most stunning pictures.

Tons Of Correction Features

CapCut AI Image Upscaler isn’t just about upscaling the images. It takes care of several parameters, such as image enhancement and denoising, to gain a crisp picture from blurred vision.

It’s Free!

This excellent tool works like a charm for free. You don't have to sign up or register anywhere to get started—no need to enter your credit card information either.

You’ll Get The Best Of AI

CapCut AI Image Upscaler is one tool that relies on the most up-to-date AI libraries. Whenever a new AI library is released, this tool gets updates and ensures that the users are using the most recent technology the IT sector offers.

CapCut Image Upscaler Use-case Scenarios

Below are some scenarios when you might need an upscale image tool:

Restoring Old Photos

It’s common for people to find old photo albums and want to preserve those images in a digital format. However, old photos were taken from a camera of inferior technology, so when digitizing, one can use this AI upscale tool to turn them into high-resolution pictures. That’s the most sensible way of restoring old images whether you want to convert hundreds of photos.

Eliminate Noise & Defects From Defected Photography

Sometimes, a photographer snaps a picture with perfect timing, but there can be some noise in the picture. Taking a perfect picture is easier said than done, which is why photographers can take the help of AI image upscalers to remove noise and remove defects from their photos instantly.

When You Want To Print On A Large Plane

If an image needs to be printed on a large piece of paper, such as A1 or even larger planes, then there’s a need for a high-resolution image, or else the image will distort or blur when printed on a large sheet. AI image upscalers allow upscaling images up to 8K nowadays.

Steps To Enlarge Your Images Online For Free

Below are the steps to use the CapCut ai image upscale tool online for free:

  1. First, visit the official CapCut AI image upscale website. Based on your current location, access to the website might be affected.
  2. Please click the “upload image” button and browse your computer to select the image you wish to upscale. Alternatively, you can drag and drop the image on the button.
  3. You’ll be redirected to a new page, and the upload process will begin automatically.
  4. When the image is uploaded successfully to the cloud server, it’ll be upscaled. But before that, click on the button to your right to select the desired output resolution.
  5. You can choose up to 4K. Click on 4K (for example), and click the “upscale” button.
  6. Let the server work on your image, and a progress bar will appear. When the painting is finished upscaling, the progress bar will disappear.
  7. Hover over the image, and you’ll see the download button on the bottom right of the picture.
  8. Click the button to save the upscaled image on your PC, but now you’ll have to log into your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the highest quality I can go with this AI image enlarger?

Ideally, several tools offer only up to 2K image upscaling, while some paid ones offer 8K, which is very rare. With CapCut AI image upscaler, you can scale images up to 4K without watermarks.

Will I lose image details upon enlarging?

No. There’s no way that you’ll lose any details on your image after getting it upscaled.

Would you like some help using CapCut AI image upscale?

This tool is a very user-friendly tool, which allows even novice users to upscale images with complete confidence.

How long does it take to enlarge my image online?

It takes a few seconds to upscale an image under normal circumstances. It might take 1-3 minutes if your internet is slow.

Would you like me to pay to enlarge my images?

No, it’s a free tool, and you can get your images enlarged without entering your credit card information or making any payment. You can upscale five images for free, though.


Now that you’ve learned about the CapCut AI image upscale, it’s time to try this excellent tool. You don't have to worry about misusing your images because your data will stay safe. While there are many similar tools, not all are as reliable as CapCut’s AI image upscale.

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