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How To Choose A suitable Shopify Themes

Shopify is an ideal platform to start with if you're searching to create your own online business from scratch.

You no longer need to engage a developer to build your website from the ground up or learn how to code to create a website with Shopify

Selecting a theme is one of the first things you'll do if you're using Shopify. Choosing a suitable Shopify theme is crucial because it impacts every step of the development and launch process.   

However, the number of available Shopify theme options is still enormous, and you will need help deciding which theme can most benefit your online store. In this article, we will reveal several tips to help you manage and select the best Shopify theme for ecommerce that can assist you in creating your first online store smoothly.

1. Set up the budget

When developing your Shopify online business, you will incur several charges, including theme costs. First, you should consider how much money you spend on themeing. Shopify offers two primary theme categories: free and premium.

The cost of a Shopify theme can range greatly, from free to $200 or even more than $300. There are now roughly 16 free themes available in the Theme Store, including Dawn, Sense, Craft, and others, if you're tiny and on a tight budget.

On the other hand, premium Shopify themes are more expensive—between $140 and $360—and usually have more outstanding features than free themes. Also, premium themes offer less mainstream, more adaptable, and professional-looking advantages. Put another way, they increase product sales and improve conversion rates.

2. Create a list of necessary features

Another factor you need to consider while choosing a Shopify theme is the number of features you require. Since a theme can provide a massive collection of features, you need to narrow down the choices and develop a list of themes you want to appear in your store.

Before even looking at themes, list essential elements and those not. Create a comparable list that includes every feature you can think of, then go over it. Draw attention to the primary priority's functioning and search for pertinent topics. 

You can use features like product search and filters, shopping carts, pop-ups, blogs, and sign-in and sign-up for your online store. Once you have your list, you can analyze the themes and create a shortlist of those with the qualities you want. 

3. Review several theme category options

In general, most online stores are likely to focus on specific categories to sell products, for instance, shopify supplement themes, fashion & clothing, jewelry, home decor, F&B, arts, etc. As a result, you should identify clearly the categories that you will be working on in order to select the theme that matches such an area.


You may look for themes by industry in the Shopify Theme Store. Several theme alternatives are available for any business depending on features, target audience, cost, etc. 

Additionally, Shopify themes provide specific style and functionality choices based on your specialization. For instance, if you sell clothes and related products, the template will have a size grid, an image zoom tool, and the opportunity to examine your product in several colors.

4. Take into consideration the number of products

This is yet another important consideration while selecting a Shopify theme. To ensure that your items are correctly shown in your online store, you must determine the number of product kinds you plan to sell.

Another thing you'll discover while visiting the Theme Store is that various themes are designed to fit multiple catalog sizes. Compared to a store with 100 or even 1,000 goods, one with a relatively small catalog of 10 products will require considerably more straightforward navigation.

You could put your main product on the site if your online store sells only one item. However, if you have more than five goods, you should choose a theme that enables you to showcase a subset on your homepage and the remainder on a distinct, tastefully designed product page.

5. Consider conversion & user experience

Conversion is a crucial factor to consider when selling online, and it is a keynote when you pick up the best Shopify theme for e-commerce for your store. Consider your conversion rates while choosing a theme for Shopify. Specifically, consider whether the template can potentially convert casual website users into loyal consumers.

As a result, you should focus on conversion-supported elements like call to action (CTA), page loading time, and theme usability. Consider adding social proof to the template to win over more repeat business from your clients.

6. Consult reputable Shopify developers

Since paid themes receive more development time than free ones, not all themes are made equal. It is more likely that your theme will function as intended if you stick with well-regarded themes from reputable developers. Verify again that the assistance provided is reliable and excellent in case something goes wrong in a few instances.

Furthermore, engaging experienced developers and designers is the best way to select a suitable Shopify theme and expand your online store. Once they have examined your company's details, Shopify professionals will provide the ideal solution. Additionally, they will handle implementing features, different modifications, and continuous store support.

7. Utilize the users’ theme review for references

You can determine whether the theme is suitable based on previous user reviews. With each Shopify theme, you can proceed to the Reviews section to view the overall ratings and detailed reviews that previous and current users sent to the development team. 

Most reviews have been validated carefully, so you can trust them to select the most appropriate theme for your business. Moreover, specific platforms also write reviews for Shopify themes so that you can consider them a reference source.

Bonus: Omni Themes – one of the best Shopify theme providers

Finding a reputable Shopify theme provider to purchase a theme is not straightforward since the number of suppliers has increased significantly. Here, we would like to introduce you to one of the top suppliers of Shopify themes, Omni Themes.

Their themes are renowned for their quickness, responsive design, and customization possibilities. This enables you to design an exquisite and valuable online store that precisely captures the essence of your company.

Moreover, Omni Themes offers a large selection of pre-built themes and top-notch customer service. This guarantees you will receive the assistance required to optimize your theme and build a profitable online business. With Omni Themes, you can easily find the best Shopify theme for e-commerce.

Eurus – one of the finest themes on Omni themes

At the moment, Eurus is Omni Themes' latest and best-rated theme. It is widely known for its fast loading speed, user-friendly interface, reasonable price, etc.

People love Eurus for its ease of use. It allows store owners to tailor the theme to their brand without extensive coding knowledge. Additionally, its built-in features and excellent customer support streamline the process of building a robust and high-performing online shop.

Key features

  • Mega menus: Eurus supports mega menus, allowing you to create extensive, multi-column menus that accommodate much information. This can be a great way to improve your store's navigation and make it easier for customers to find what they want.
  • Smart filters: Eurus includes intelligent filters, allowing customers to quickly narrow their products by category, size, shape, or other attributes. This can help them find what they're looking for more rapidly and improve your conversion rate.
  • Color swatches: Eurus allows you to display your products with color swatches. This can be an excellent way for customers to see the different color options available for a product without clicking on it.
  • Event calendar: Eurus includes an event calendar, which you can use to promote upcoming sales, events, or new product launches. This can be a great way to drive traffic to your store and boost sales.

  • Product video: Eurus allows you to add videos to your product pages. This can be a great way to showcase your products in more detail and increase conversion rates.


Users can purchase the Eurus theme for $230 (much cheaper than many premium Shopify themes). The theme offers lifetime support with a one-time purchase.

In conclusion

These 7 tips will help you select an appropriate Shopify theme for your online store.

Consider Omni Themes if you want a quality, experienced Shopify theme provider to start your business from scratch. You can always contact Omni Themes for ongoing support of previously created Shopify themes. Their experts can add new features and implement other updates at the fastest possible pace.

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