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How To Collect SMS Subscribers Wherever Your Customers Are


The strength of your brand’s SMS marketing ultimately hinges upon whether or not you are able to grow and sustain a list of engaged subscribers. And you can’t do that with a single pop-up or widget. SMS targets mobile consumers, so it’s critical that you collect subscribers wherever your mobile consumers spend their time, and do so in ways that are optimized for the mobile experience.

Why? Brands who provide a variety of subscriber collection experiences are known to increase collection rates by over 40% MoM. In fact, the most successful brands and SMS marketing programs take every opportunity to catch their customers’ eyes with a well-rounded approach to subscriber collection.

Using Yotpo SMSBump, your brand can collect subscribers everywhere — with tools built for use on-site, across channels, and offline — to grow your largest mobile audience and keep it growing. Here’s how to spark interest in your SMS program just about anywhere and kick-start your subscriber g …

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Special thanks to our friends at Yotpo for their insights on this topic.
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