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How To Communicate Supply Chain Limitations To Customers


As we head into the holiday shopping season, there’s some good news for brands on the supply chain front: the worst of the crisis seems to be over. But, lingering issues like materials scarcity, rising freight prices, and port congestion are expected to still cause challenges for brands throughout the holidays.

Despite problems with the supply chain, consumers still have expectations about purchasing and receiving their holiday goods on time, and brands that fail to deliver on those expectations will lose customers. This presents a challenge for brands, as most stock and delivery issues are out of their control. The solution? Build and retain customer loyalty through transparent communication.

Using tools like email marketing, SMS communications, customer help desks, and loyalty programs, you can turn the odds in your favor and help ensure your loyal customers stay loyal, even when the supply chain is disrupted, and product availability is sparse.
Why transparent communication …

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