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How To Create A Contact Form For Your Online Store

A shopping cart with a piece of paper advertising your online store.

When new visitors trust your brand, they are more inclined to purchase, and current consumers are more likely to suggest you and make repeat purchases.

Contact forms are the greatest way for site visitors to introduce themselves.

You may improve the experience of consumers who need to contact you by making your contact page more friendly and appealing. This article will explain how to create a contact form for your online store, why you need a contact form, tips to create a more effective contact form, and how to embed your contact us form on your website. 

Why do you need a contact form for your shop?

A contact form is usually a brief web-based form that is posted on a website. Any visitor can complete and submit the form to message the site owner. Contact Us forms offer to reassure clients that someone is listening to their problems and feedback. Here are some reasons that explain the importance of having a contact form: 

  • Gain visitors’ trust: Visitor trust is essential. If visitors to your website can’t even find a way to contact you, they probably can’t trust you and your content. Contact forms help you easily and quickly build relationships with customers, and in turn, your visitors trust you.
  • Grow your email list: Email lists are crucial since email marketing is the most effective approach to attracting new clients. Having your visitors fill out a form on your page can help you expand your email list. Your contact form will help your newsletter and email marketing initiatives.
  • Improved communication: If you have a contact form, a potential customer will find it easy to call or email you. On the other hand, if all of your communications are arranged, it will be easier for you to react to their queries. 
  • Prevent spamming attacks: One of the primary reasons for including a contact form on your website is to avoid spam and keep your website safe. When you utilize a contact form, your company’s email address is never shown on your website, making it impossible to scrape. 

How to create a get-in-touch form online (No code)

A contact us form is an excellent way to convert visitors into paying clients. You can quickly create a contact form with online form builders, like forms.app. 

forms.app is a strong online form maker that may assist you in this regard. You can select from a large range of contact us form templates to get started. Then, you may generate leads by using the contact form. Follow the steps that we shared below to create your contact form:

Create a forms.app account

You can easily and quickly create free forms on forms.app without needing any code. You can log in with Google, Apple, and Facebook accounts. 


Select a ready-to-use template, start from scratch, or use forms.app AI

You can create a contact form on blank paper or use one of the ready-made, free, and easy-to-use form templates from forms.app. With the Al feature offered by forms.app to its users, you just tell forms.app Al what kind of form you need, it creates a form for you in seconds, without any coding or using a template. 


Add or adjust questions

forms.app provides its users with dozens of ready-to-use templates that they can use quickly and easily. You choose the most suitable one among these easy-to-use templates and start using it.  You can change, add or remove questions from the ready-made template as you want. 


Select a theme or manually edit your form settings

forms.app offers its users completely free, effective, and useful themes. You can choose a different theme from the many options forms.app provides.

Preview and share your contact form

After rechecking to prevent any mistakes, your get-in-touch form is ready to be shared. You can share the contact form via different platforms by generating a QR code, email, or embedding your website. You can embed your form on forms.app with just a few clicks. You can select an embedding option like standard, full-page, slider, or chat box layout to place your form on a website.

Tips to create a better contact us form

A contact form is one of the most vital but often disregarded components of a website. Contact form design is critical for many websites to engage with potential customers. A badly designed contact form may go overlooked. So, we have shared essential tips to create an effective contact form.

  • Maintain simplicity: Make sure your contact us form is simple to use and comprehend for visitors to your website. To help users through the form, utilize clear labels and directions.
  • Prioritize important questions: Order the fields in a logical flow to make it easier for users to finish the form. Start with the most crucial fields and work your way down to the optional ones. You can use conditional logic to create smarter forms if you have questions that only need to be answered dependent on another field.
  • Add the necessary details: To collect the relevant information, include fields such as email address, phone number, and message.
  • Don’t request personal information that you don’t require: People are usually reluctant to give up personal information such as an address and phone number. This might result in a high level of abandonment. If you need to collect your customers’ personal information, you must obtain their consent. 
  • Make it responsive to mobile devices: Make sure your contact form is mobile-friendly so that people on smartphones and tablets can quickly access and submit it. When you build your contact form on forms.app, your form is already mobile-friendly. 
  • Review the contact form before implementation: Before putting the contact form online, thoroughly test it to check that all fields operate properly, your validation messages are right, and error handling is in place.

How to add your contact form to Shopify

Contact forms are crucial for any online shop to capture vital consumer data and improve the customer experience. You can add your contact form to Shopify. You may either design the contact yourself and add it to Shopify or utilize one of the Shopify app store applications. Here are steps to learn how to add your contact form to Shopify:

  • Go to your Shopify dashboard: First, click “online store” from the Shopify page. Then, click on the “pages” section of the list below.

  • Create a custom page: As a second step, click on the “add page” that appears on the screen and add the title you want to your page.


  • Copy the full page embed code of your form: Open your Shopify contact form you created on forms.app to copy the link of the contact form. First, click the “share” button above, and choose the embed option that suits you. Click the “get the code” and copy the code. 

  • Paste your embed code into Shopify: Finally, paste the code you copied into the content section of the second step we mentioned on the Shopify page and save it. 

How to embed your contact us form on a website

A contact form makes it simple for potential clients to contact you. forms.app provides contact form templates that make it easy for you to quickly create a great-looking and effective contact form and embed it directly on your website. You can follow the steps to learn how to embed your contact us form you prepared on forms.app.

  • Go to forms.app and create a contact form:

  • To add a contact form to your website, you can use a simple embed code from forms.app. After opening the edit screen, click the “share” option:

  • Choose your preferred embedding option (Standart, full-page, pop-up, slider, and so on):

  • Copy and paste the embed code into your website:

  • Now your contact form will appear on your website:

Wrapping it up

In conclusion, a contact form is an easy method for visitors to your website to reach you. You may use a form to collect contact information, generate leads for new clients, or just engage with your audience. 

Using the contact form helps you to reduce spam emails, get more leads, improve your customer service and customer support, and protect your website. This article has explained how to create a contact page in Shopify, tips for creating a great contact us page, and why you need a contact form with all details.

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