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How to Create a Welcome Email Template (+ examples)

Welcome to a basic piece on creating a Welcome Email Template.

Whenever a new subscriber joins your email newsletter or other subscription services, you want to help them feel welcomed. You can easily do this through a welcome email. Welcome emails allow your business to improve your email marketing metrics by inviting subscribers to interact with your business.

As your business sends out welcome, you’ll notice these benefits.

  • Increased click-through rates on your welcome emails.
  • More people visiting your website.
  • Increased overall interactions from your subscribers.

Make sure to create a welcome email template for new customers so that you have a format that makes it easy to edit and send to your subscribers. Even if you don’t know how to make one, you can always find a premade template that suits your needs. This article will provide you with the information necessary to create effective and enticing welcome emails.

Why Welcome Emails Matter

Before you can create a welcome email template, you need to spend some time planning for it. While some people may want to pick a welcome email template online and use it. While this does work and can improve your email marketing, you may miss some important opportunities by taking this approach.

Keep in mind that welcome emails stand as your initial impression to subscribers, so you need to make them stand out, unique, and appealing.


Source: MarketingSherpa.com

This image shows that half of businesses send welcome emails through automated methods. This means that if you don’t send these emails to customers, half of your competitors have an advantage over you.

People may not know the tools available to interact with your business, so your welcome email can provide them important information. This will help them to increase your metrics while they eventually become consistent customers that make purchases from your website. By giving them a welcome email, you invite them to become a customer.

Style and Presentation

Many subscribers first interact with your business through a welcome email so you want it to have a strong presentation and an accurate style. You want the style to reflect your business and the presentation to appear professional, yet inviting.

When you create a welcome email, you want the email to reflect your company’s style. This means that if you take a formal approach on your website, then use a formal style in your welcome email. This will maintain brand consistency between your channels whether you use omnichannel or multichannel marketing.

As for presentation, you want to write your email and stylize it so that customers can easily read it and notice the appealing design to it. Make sure to use effective colors consistent with your business’ brand. You can also organize your email and use short paragraphs to make it easy to read.

Continue to adjust your style and presentation until you feel that it properly reflects your business.

Welcome Email Examples

While you can create your own welcome email template, you also have different places online that you can access various templates to get one that you like.

Great email marketing platforms will offer welcome email templates for you to customize. By using these email templates, you could easily craft a welcome email that will suit your business. Add text and images as needed to create a high-quality welcome email or even more effective series of emails. See the example below.


How to Create a Welcome Email Template

Welcome emails have a specific formula that can help customers feel welcomed. After all, your welcome emails exist to encourage subscribers and to introduce them to your business or services. These key points will help you to accomplish this goal.

  1. Thank Them
  2. Provide Incentives
  3. Give Information
  4. CTA

First and foremost, you need to thank your subscribers for subscribing. They didn’t have to do it, so you should show appreciation for their interest in your company. Next, make sure that you provide incentives or deliver on previous incentives. People will join if you give them an offer, but make sure that you deliver on it.

You need to inform your new subscribers about your service. As you inform them about information that they care about, they will continue to read and check your newsletter.

This helps customers to understand the email newsletter. Finally, end with a call-to-action (CTA). Invite them to click on a link or to make a purchase to improve your metrics.

As you address key information for subscribers, you will begin to establish an effective welcome email. Just like Alastin Skincare does.


Improve Your Template

Once you create a template, you need to see how your subscribers react to it. Ask yourself some questions to check for any changes you should make to your welcome email template.

  • Did our open rate increase from the changes? What about our click-through rate?
  • Have my CTAs lead to more conversions after I applied the template?
  • What can I change to create a more appealing presentation?

If you ask yourself questions such as these, then you can identify ways to improve your template. Improving your template will help you to improve your overall newsletter practices since these same concepts apply to your newsletter.

You should always try to improve your template. As you do so, you can adjust it to the needs of your subscribers so that they can see your company’s professionalism and that you appreciate their support.


As you create an effective template, you can present it in a way that encourages your customers to trust your company. If you show that your company cares about subscribers and want to help them, then you can build that trust and turn your subscribers into customers. You will see this occur as you improve on your welcome email template.

You’ll see your metrics increase when you use an effective welcome email template. Keep in mind, however, that you should continue to improve your welcome email as you use it. When you adjust it and provide your subscribers with a proper welcome, you will see your click-through rates skyrocket and your overall sales increase.

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This article was originally published by our friends at Omnisend.

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