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How To Customize Cardboard Boxes For Your E-Commerce Store

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Modified description: Customized cardboard boxes for your e-commerce store.
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The emergence of e-commerce platforms over the past decade has been a significant factor in the development and success of the online retail industry. Originally, e-commerce was mainly used by people who didn't have physical shops. However, today it's almost obligatory for any store owner, including businesses with physical stores, to have an e-commerce platform if they want to thrive.   

The importance of packaging has been highlighted more with the increasing popularity of e-commerce. For one, since you may not have a physical location, good packaging is one way to spread the word about your shop's existence. Secondly, with many shops having a physical location, goods were packed in regular bags. There was no urgent need to be creative with packaging, but the e-commerce economy has changed that. Today, your packaging alone can bring new customers.  

One of the primary materials used for packaging is cardboard boxes. This material is a favorite for businesses because it's eco-friendly. As the advocacy for promoting climate change continues to gain traction, companies have adopted some sustainable ways to reduce pollution. One of them is using cardboard boxes. Cardboard is made from renewable materials and has minimized environmental impacts.   

However, being eco-friendly isn't enough. It’d be best to devise creative ways to customize your e-commerce cardboard. Keep reading to learn more.    

How To Make Customized Cardboard Boxes  

Whether you're looking for a way to ship your products or want to create a unique unboxing experience for your customers, here are some steps you can take to customize cardboard boxes to suit the needs of your e-commerce store:  

Step One: Choose High-Quality Cardboard 

The most crucial step in preparing the shipment is to build the boxes out of high-quality, robust cardboard. The strength and lifespan of a box are directly proportional to the quality of the cardboard used in its construction. Also, if your box printing looks good, you need to utilize high-quality cardboard.  

There are different types of cardboard and their difference is based on the material used. Cardboard can be made from kraft paper, chipboard, and even paper manufactured from recyclable resources. So, make sure to choose the best cardboard box with the highest quality material possible.   

Step Two: Play With The Texture  

Other than using the highest quality material, sometimes you can play with the textures of different materials to create a unique look and feel for your cardboard boxes. As mentioned before, one of the ways to distinguish between cardboard boxes is through the material used.  

Customizing sometimes may mean being unique and standing out. Sometimes playing with textures may bring you the desired results. Additionally, consider using distinct textures for distinct products, or use distinct textures for various components of the same product.  

Step Three: Consider Important Trends  

It's essential for your business to keep up with important trends, especially regarding Environment, Social, and Governance issues (ESG). For example, customers today are more inclined to purchase from environmentally oriented businesses. That means that any slight chance you get to show that you’re an e-commerce champion for environmental justice, you should take it.  

One such opportunity is through using cardboard boxes. You can show that you're eco-friendly by using cardboard boxes as packaging for your products. This can be done through printing since many customers may not know the value of cardboard boxes in matters environment.  

You can also be part of championing social justice through your cardboard boxes by sharing your stand in print form on the boxes. When you do that, you can customize your packaging, and you attract a niche of customers that are in line with your stand.   

Step Four: Brand Your Cardboard Boxes  

One of the simplest ways to customize cardboard boxes is by adding your company's branding features, such as its logo or other identifiers, on the outside of the boxes. It's an easy way to give them a more distinctive appearance. This can be done in several ways, including using labels, stickers, or printing directly on the cartons.   

If you want to add a more high-end look to your boxes, consider using foil stamping, embossing, or other speciality printing techniques. Branding your boxes also doubles as a tool for marketing your e-commerce.  

Step Five: Use Quality, Custom Printing  

Consider using a unique printing method or substance if you want your cardboard boxes to stand out from the crowd. High-quality printed graphics on the packaging will produce a more vibrant and eye-catching final product. A few enterprising individuals use cutting-edge printing technologies like 3D printing to make unique designs and patterns for the packaging they offer.  

Step Six: Use A Wide Variety Of Colors And Coatings  

Another way to customize cardboard boxes is to use different colors. You can use different colors for different products, or you can use different colors for different parts of the same product. Various speciality coatings can also be applied to the exterior of the cardboard boxes to improve their appearance. If the boxes have a more professional appearance, you can choose between a glossy and a matte finish.   

Step Seven: Personalize The Cardboard Boxes  

Consider personalizing the packaging to give the cardboard boxes a unique look and feel. Customers will feel like they're getting more out of their purchase and will be more likely to return to your store in the future if you do this.  

There are a few ways to add your personal touch to cardboard boxes. Here are just a few examples:  

  • Use stamps or stickers to decorate the outside of the box. This is an easy way to add a bit of personality to your packaging.  
  • Use colored tape or ribbon to add a pop of color. This is an easy way to make your boxes look more festive and inviting.  
  • Use a sharpie to write a personal message on the box. This is a great way to show your customers that you care about them and appreciate their business.  

Step Eight: Find The Right Proportions  

If you plan on using a cardboard box for packaging purposes, be sure it's big enough to accommodate whatever it is you plan on sending. The product is more likely to be damaged if it's shipped in a box that's too small. On the other hand, if the package is excessively large, it's a waste of materials. Also, the shipping cost may rise.  

You can also use different sizes for different products, or you can use different sizes for different parts of the same product. For example, if you sell toys, you could use different sizes of boxes for the different parts of the toy, including the body, the head, and the arms and legs. Or, if you sell clothing, you could use different box sizes for different sizes of clothing, such as shirts, pants, and skirts.  

One more way to make something uniquely yours is to go for a shape or size that isn't available in the standard assortment of cardboard boxes. Working with a company that provides custom box production can help you get die-cut boxes.   

Die-cut boxes are visually appealing. They stand out from the rest. Depending on your specifications, they can be virtually molded into any shape and size. You can also add die-cut windows to the cardboard boxes so customers can see the contents without opening the packaging. This is a selling element that could help you attract more customers.  

Consider using a custom die-cut box when you need to ship an item that doesn't match the standard dimensions.  

How Customized Cardboard Boxes Can Help Your E-Commerce Business   

You might want to consider customizing cardboard boxes for your e-commerce store for several reasons. Here are some: 

  • Help Create A More Professional Packaging 

One of the most important reasons to customize your cardboard boxes is to create a professional appearance for your business. Using generic or plain boxes may make your business appear less professional. However, if you take the time to design and print custom boxes, your business will look more polished and put together. This can go a long way in attracting new customers and keeping your existing ones coming back.  

  • They Protect Your Products  

Another reason to customize your cardboard boxes is to protect your products better. If you ship delicate or breakable items, it's important to have a sturdy box that will keep them safe. Customizing your boxes can ensure that your products arrive at their destination in one piece. Additionally, if you store items in your cardboard boxes, you can be sure they'll be protected from dust, moisture, and other environmental factors.  

  • Help Your Business Stand Out  

Finally, customizing your cardboard boxes can make it easier for your customers to find the items they need when visiting your online store. If you use generic boxes, your customers may have to search through many boxes to find their packages. However, using custom-printed boxes lets your customers quickly and easily identify their purchases. This can save them time and frustration and increase the likelihood that they’ll purchase from your store.  


If you want your cardboard boxes to stand out from the competition, it’d be best if you consider customizing them. Whatever method you use to personalize your cardboard boxes, the result must be something your target audience will like. There are endless possibilities when it comes to customizing your cardboard boxes. These are just a few ideas for customizing cardboard boxes for your eCommerce store. Get creative and use your imagination in a fun way and come up with a design that represents your brand well. By following these tips, you can make your store more successful, and your customers will appreciate the extra effort you put into your packaging.

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