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How to Drive Direct-to-Consumer Sales with User-Generated Content


A practical five-step guide for implementing a ratings and reviews program as part of transitioning to D2C

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A critical and very evident trend to emerge as part of the COVID-19 pandemic: brands that previously relied on selling their products in person have had to shift online and go “Direct to Consumer”.

A comprehensive UGC program – including ratings, reviews, images, video and Q&A content – is now an ecommerce must-have, with 97% of consumers consulting product reviews before making a purchase.

So many brands are seeking to implement UGC quickly as part of this transition.

Download this Guide for step-by-step pointers on the entire process, including:

How UGC impacts D2C success and will enable you to sell more products

How to generate a high volume of high-quality reviews fast

How to maximize the impact of UGC

This article originally appeared by our friends at PowerReviews.

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