How to engage your visitors to make purchases: How to manage a sales team?

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Website is an inextricable part of any business. Creating an appropriate one and driving traffic to it is just a beginning. Next step is to encourage your visitors to make purchases. It can be very challenging. If you are not sure where to start, you have come to the right place. In this guide we will discuss crucial steps to increase your online sales and manage your sales team more effectively. 

Follow SEO metrics 

Your business can’t go far without an optimized website. Make your website easy to navigate and user friendly. First of all you need to pay attention to Google’s Core Web Vitals and see your website loading speed. This is critical, because slow-loading websites are not attractive no matter high quality text and good images. Hence, check these metrics to fix technical issues slowing down your website. 

Today the majority of online shopping is done on mobile devices, so your website should be mobile-friendly. According to Statista the number of monthly active smartphone users in the UK is expected to rise rapidly to reach 64.89 million owners by 2025. Therefore, keeping your website mobile-friendly will definitely engage visitors.  

Make your content stand out 

It’s not a secret that content is the king. Without unique and eye-catching content your business can not go far. Engaging web copies will capture the attention of consumers and they will stay in your website longer. It will increase visitor engagement metrics and your website will only benefit from that.  

You can share diverse texts on your website from user-friendly tutorials and guides to blog posts. Use engaging titles, and headlines, and set a tone of voice aligned with your business.

Also focus on your landing page. Attractive marketing copy with a relevant and high quality image can make wonder. Do not forget to put a call to action feature in your landing page. CTAs can bring the consumer to your website when they will probably make purchases.  

Listen to your audience  

Feedbacks can help to propel your business forward. You should be aware of your customers’ needs. Feedbacks will tell you about your strengths, drawbacks, you detect issues and improve them. 

The simplest way to communicate with your target audience is making surveys. Creating a survey is very simple and fast. Today there are many platforms where you can create surveys for free. Hey Survey is one of the best ones. It is completely free and even suggests mobile responsive forms.  

Consider your website features

Your website engagement can depend on its hosting service. You should consider some possible technical issues you can be bumped into and of course be aware of the benefit you can reap. 

For example, if you are going to mostly sell some event tickets and want to generate sales directly from your website, then the WordPress platform may be the best fit. It will assist you to drive traffic to your website. You can save money by avoiding any additional ticket payments by adding a plugin to your website. 

Here you can learn how to sell tickets on WordPress and get your business on the right foot.  

Use Pop-ups for conversion 

Another way to engage your visitors and increase sales are pop-ups. 

By making discounts and unique offers available to potential customers for a brief time, pop-ups can quickly push them into the interaction and purchase stages.

Use pop-ups to suggest your visitors some perks, sales or coupons. You can even put surveys on pop-ups. 

Improve your website navigation

Website navigation is one of the important components increasing page visit time. Keep it simple, so visitors can find required pages. 

You need to visually define your categories or subcategories, and main menu and use the right colors and fonts. It will be perfect to keep the “About us” and “Review” sections in an eye-catching place. Good testimonials from your previous clients will make your product or service more reliable for your potential clients. 

Sales team should be your first priority

Sales team is a key to the success of each business. Agile sales management is one of the most effective ways to manage a sales team. It helps have clear understanding about the project, deliver fast results, receive timely feedback and meet goals on time.

If you feel that your sales team needs to fill some gaps, then you can take a free Agile Sales Management course for your team. 

Managing a sales team can be tricky. You will need some tools to manage your team. Tracking apps can be perfect helping hands for project managers to stay informed about the working process and define priorities. Here you can find the best time tracking apps to use in 2023 and choose the best one to align with your needs. 

Sales seem very attractive but at the same time a very tough and stressful job. You should set challenging but not impossible goals to escape your team burnout. Encourage knowledge-sharing culture. It will help to create a collaborative and healthy workplace.  

Another important thing is using relevant technologies. CRMs, sales automation tools, and conversation intelligence platforms can assist your team in remaining organized, and productive. Do not underestimate the importance of such kinds of tools. For example, CRM can provide customer data allowing more cohesive sales effort, sales automation tools can help you streamline outreach, etc. 

As a project manager, you can ask a lot of your reaps from your team. When you achieve good results, share the kudos with your team, demonstrating that you value their efforts.


In this guide we discussed key important things you need to make your website attractive for your visitors to make purchases. As you can see, tracking SEO metrics is critical, but you must also be an excellent manager. Your sales team is another key to the success of your business, so using appropriate tools and leadership style while managing them, can propel your business forward. 

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