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How To Execute Memorable Instagram Campaigns – Beyond the Holidays

Executing Memorable Instagram Campaigns

As the holiday season approaches and passes, it is crucial for brands to maintain a positive relationship with their audience throughout the coming year. Although some strategies may seem to only apply during the holidays, many successful holiday campaigns can continue to be effective long after the season ends.

Celebrate Holiday-Themed User-Generated Content 

Putting your followers in the spotlight is not only a great way to encourage engagement, but it’s also effective for showcasing your products and adding a strong social proof element. 

Since the aesthetics of the holidays are universal, you should reshare and feature posts and stories from individuals in your community celebrating this special time of year. Boost your account’s engagement rate by amplifying the voices of your fans and taking advantage of the shoppable Instagram feature. 

kirkland's UGC gallery

Kirkland’s homepage gallery spotlights holiday-oriented UGC from Instagram to inspire shoppers!

Pro-tip: Seasonally relevant UGC is the gift that keeps on giving – even if the content you collect isn’t relevant this year, save it and use it next year. That way you’ll have an even better Instagram campaign next year.

Organize a Social Media Contest

Everyone loves giveaways, but that’s especially true during the holiday season. A social media contest can create a buzz around your brand, boost your engagement, and provide you with authentic content from your community to market with.  Encourage your customers to share their experiences engaging with your product this holiday season on Instagram or through a direct uploader on your brand’s site.

Breck's Gardening Contest

Breck’s encourages customers to share photos of them gardening on Instagram or upload directly for the chance to win a gift card.

Provide Value To Your Audience

Holidays are a season of giving, so share something valuable with your audience. Ideally, this could be an educational material such as a mini-course or campaign that also positions your products as potential solutions. Listen to your customers’ personal values and shape your brand’s narrative around those elements. This way, your campaigns will resonate with your audience while providing them with unique content.

Not all audiences will respond to holiday campaigns in the same way. Think about what makes your audience unique and look at the past performance of holiday campaigns to get ideas. 

Encourage Conversations

If you want an engaged audience on Instagram, you must engage on the platform regularly. Holidays are a great time to ask and answer questions, offer advice, and discuss things that matter to your followers. Encourage conversations about New Year’s resolutions or potential holiday gifts relating to your brand through stories and posts.

Many companies fail at following through on their holiday campaigns on social media. As you start building momentum, make sure to continue posting regularly throughout the holidays. 

Instagram is a powerful tool to connect with your target audience, and the welcoming atmosphere of the holiday season positions your brand to have a lasting impact on your online community. Take advantage of the ways you can share and interact with your customers’ experiences on the app, and you’ll be their go-to for their next purchase.

Special thanks to our friends at Pixlee for their insights on this topic.
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