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How to Export QuickBooks Online Lists

A comprehensive guide on exporting lists from QuickBooks Online.

After cleaning up and running reports on your Quickbooks Online (QBO) file, you are ready to begin exporting data. You will have quite a few lists to export if you are doing the manual process of creating a QBO copy.

In this guide, learn how to:

  • Export necessary QBO data.
  • Filter through and export specific data.

Exporting Data

First, click the “Gear” icon, go into “Export Data,” and then go into your “Lists.” Export the three choices of lists: customers, employees, and/or suppliers. If you are using Rewind Copy, you do not need to export your clients, vendors, or any of your products or services lists.

Next, you need to export your recurring templates. Click “Reports” in the sidebar. Search for “recurring templates.” You want to export the recurring templates list so that you have a moment in time when you are looking at it. It will be easier to recover those recurring templates as a result. You will also need to know what these recurring templates look like whether you are using Rewind Copy or whether you are doing this manually.

Specific Reports and Lists to Export

Return to “Reports” and search for “products and services.” Save an Excel CSV file of your products and services as you will later have to import it into the copied file. You do not have to do this using Rewind Copy.

You will want to export some of the lists from “Sales Transactions.” Filter the reports by their classification. For example, if you want your open invoices, you can filter by that and apply a date range. You can export this as a CSV file. In the “Expenses,” you can also filter reports based on specific classifications and date ranges. Rewind Copy will bring all of this information over during the copy process.

To find “attachments,” click the “Gear” icon and click “Attachments.” Downloading attachments depends on if you are closing out a file and restarting a file. You can export any attachments that you want. Once you have downloaded all of the lists you need, you are prepared to copy your QBO file.

This article originally appeared by our friends at Rewind.

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