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How To Find The Best 3PL For An eCommerce Business?

An employee is using a scanner in a warehouse for an eCommerce company.

Are you struggling with frequent inventory checks, overstocking, limited storage space, and high labor costs?

Overseeing a warehouse is a crucial task with numerous potential complications. When managing your warehouse, these problems can become particularly complex, requiring alternative solutions. One viable option could be primary outsourcing to a third-party logistics provider. Engaging in a top-tier 3PL service for Amazon sellers or your Shopify DTC brand can help you save time, reduce stress, and enhance overall operational efficiency.

An Overview Of 3PL & The Services Provided By Them

3PL provider, referred to as 3rd party logistic provider, offers services to commercial & industrial customers. The services consist of transportation of warehousing, shipments, deliveries, order processing, etc. In multiple cases, e-commerce & individual businesses need more resources for processing the above activities. This is when investing in the 3PL service is a good & attractive investment. Every logistical operation will be carried out smoothly when you invest in it. Let's check out the services provided by the Best 3PL for Amazon sellers.

Warehousing & Storage

3PL offers a platform to store your products in a secure warehouse. This is how you can save the extra rent & insurance of the warehouse.

Shipping & Receiving

Hiring freight services is a crucial tool for shipping products and saving money. An ideal 3PL partner will always support you with the right services and may also be able to arrange the LTL & FTL for large shipping products.

Packing & Delivering The Products

The 3PL partners will make you responsible for packaging and shipping the orders. The orders placed by the customers will reach directly to the database of the 3PL, and it will carry out the order fulfillment plan. Some 3PL partners also offer custom-branded packaging solutions.

How Is Hiring 3PLPartners Beneficial For The Business?

Higher Efficiency

Hiring 3PL partners helps to improve the business revenue & efficiency. A business can achieve higher productivity at the lowest cost. 

Get Faster Shipping

When you partner with 3PL experts, the experts will handle your order fulfillment. The professional ensures the shipment will be made on time without any delay. In addition, you can also select the warehouse location closer to the higher volume geographies area.

Get More Time To Spend On Other Businesses

By hiring a 3PL partner, you can get more time to spend on other businesses. You can build some excellent ideas and goals. You can save a lot of time by hiring an ideal outsourcing partner. With them, a company can improve its marketing goals & customer satisfaction. You won't need to hire warehouse workers during busy days.

How To Choose The 3PL For An eCommerce Business?

Is handling e-commerce distribution & fulfillment in-house holding making you frustrated? Are you concerned about the growth of the business? If yes, you must consider hiring a team of 3PL providers. Determining which 3PL providers you should hire is the most challenging task. To smooth your process, we bring the top 8 considerations when hiring the Best 3pl for Amazon sellers.

Factors You Must Look For While Hiring 3PL For eCommerce Business


Looking for a 3PL provider is similar to searching for a business partner. This is why you must hire someone capable of offering what you want! If you don't want to be customized labels or shipping orders to the location within 24 hours, your 3PL partner should meet the required service. The technology they use shows their capabilities. Check whether they can integrate with your eCommerce platform. Inspect whether they use advanced technology for inventory and warehouse management. These factors are essential to know before you hire anyone!


Do they have experience with the services that are outsourced? When you hire, a skilled and experienced partner can bring more value and better solutions for your business. Could you hire someone who is reputed in the industry? Learning about their experience helps them to know more about their company.


While hiring, could you check the reliability of the 3PL partnership? The correct orders must reach out on time, or it can affect not only the reputation of the 3PL partner but for the client's reputation. Understanding how they handle disruptions is crucial to add extra services or increasing value.

Safety & organization

The unrecognized warehouse facilities lead to mistakes and delays. Check if they can efficiently and accurately pack and ship their orders. The 3PL partner you choose should follow the safety guidelines to protect the client inventory and the warehouse workers. Any mistakes or damage to the stock can cause delays. To check how organized and reputed a 3PL warehouse is, ask them to offer the physical & video tour before giving any commitment.

Great Customer Services

The 3PL warehouse gives every business partner an appropriate amount of attention. The chances are high that new clients will have some questions, and there should be someone who must answer these. If a single issue arises, the 3PL partner identifies and resolves the problems.

Improve The Scalability

When businesses are looking to outsource e-commerce fulfillment and distribution, they must look at their current sales volumes and how they handle everything. However, future sales volume is also a relevant consideration that must be considered when hiring the 3PL warehouse partner. The 3PL partners need to control the vast workload if their client begins to grow!


Does 3PL provider customize their services to meet the client's needs? If any e-commerce business requires a specific label and customizing packaging, it depends upon the capabilities of the 3PL. A company maintains its reputation with its customers, and 3PL acts as the extension of the business. An ideal 3PL team will deliver the same level of services and reliability to the customers.


The location of the 3PL warehouse partner also matters in terms of delivery, efficiency, and cost. You can minimize the mile cost by strategically partnering with the 3PL in the appropriate location. It will be helpful for you if the 3PL is close to the major shipping hubs.


Choosing the right Third-Party Logistics Provider doesn't have to be a challenging process. After considering all the critical factors, you can rest assured that your eCommerce store is in good hands. Doing thorough research can save you time and money in the long run. So please review each provider's offerings to find the one that fits your business goals and needs best. Once you find a 3PL that completes the job, you can sit back easily, knowing your products are headed out to your customers on time and within budget. Don't be afraid to reach out directly with any questions or concerns – as both parties must be aligned regarding expectations around delivery speed, customer service, and overall satisfaction. With these few points, we hope to assist industry professionals in selecting a 3PL Provider best suited for their business.

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