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How To Follow Up After An Online Meeting With Your Team Or Vendor

Keywords: Follow Up, Online Meeting

Online meetings are helpful not only for discussing important business subjects but also for closing deals. That is why properly following up after setting up an online meeting is very important. The proper follow-up will ensure that all the actions discussed in the meeting get done and set a professional tone for all online meetings going forward.

Here's what you need to do to follow up on your online meeting correctly.

Check If There Are Any Questions About the Online Format of the Meeting

Online meetings are new to many people. So they could still have questions after attending their first Internet-based meeting. Some people consider it a talk to strangers, not colleagues or acquaintances. In this case, give them a chance to discuss whether they enjoyed this kind of meeting or if there are any concerns regarding its format. Also, ask if there is anything that can be done to improve this meeting in the future. By keeping an open discussion with your colleagues regarding online meetings, you can ensure that the format will adapt to the needs of your team.

Send A Recording Of The Meeting To The Participants

Several online meeting software available allows the meeting to be recorded. If you choose to register the meeting, remember to tell your participants that they are being recorded and let them know that a meeting recording will be made available after the meeting. If your online meeting software doesn't do this automatically, upload the recording of your appointment online, and share the link with your participants no later than 24 hours after the meeting,

Make Sure That Your Participants Have Detailed Meeting Notes

Whether you assigned a dedicated note-taker before the meeting or took the notes yourself, please send them to the participants and any presentations shared during the session. Since all of the meeting material is already online, you could even make this task easier by putting all the documents in a collaboration tool.

Share A List of Agreed Actions

List all the actions discussed in chronological order, prioritizing what needs to be done the soonest. Also, assign an owner who will see the work done by the deadline. If the deadline arrives and you have not seen the job, a check-up with the owner to know that it will still be done. As the meeting organizer, you must ensure that participants see the online meeting as necessary as a face-to-face meeting.

The following listing will help you to create a plan for your meeting.

Keep it clean

Just because you have learned how to upload videos to the Internet or use Photoshop doesn't mean you must try to impress your colleagues with an over-the-top meeting agenda. Good agendas focus on the content and do not distract your meeting participants with fancy fonts or colorful pictures. Learn to create professional word processor documents and keep your plan accessible to the eyes by using a simple font such as Arial or Times New Roman, font size 10 to 12, and a clean background.

Let your participants know how they can connect to the meeting

Even if you have already sent details on how the attendees can connect via VoIP or dial-in, it's good to include that information again on the agenda. If this is the first time you meet online, it's also a good idea to have details on how log-in works. You should let attendees know if registering for the online meeting tool is necessary and if they will need a headset or regular phone to connect. This way, your meeting will not be delayed by any technical problems. Also, let your IT team know that the meeting will take place, and include their contact details so if there are any IT-related questions, your attendees know where to go for help.

Include discussion topics in chronological order

As with any meeting agenda, it is essential to include topics in the order they will be discussed. But the web conferencing format lets you go one step further. If your meeting has a presentation, you can include links so participants can familiarize themselves with its contents before the meeting. You can create a workspace in an online collaboration tool so the attendees can pitch in on further discussions that they think are necessary for the forum.

Add hyperlinks

If any portion of the meeting needs prior knowledge from your participants on a specific area, include a hyperlink to a relevant website that can teach more about the subject you will be discussing. Alternatively, you can even send hyperlinks to internal documents from your company for easy reference. If, for example, you would like your attendees to have read a specific report in the system, all you have to do to link it is press CTRL+K, then choose the path to the document. It will show on the agenda in link form. Remember that this only works if all attendees are on the same internal system.

Include participant details

So that all attendees know who will be in the meeting, it is good to include details such as the participant's name, position, and e-mail address. Also, let your participants know who will speak during the web conference. Many online meeting tools do not have webcam capabilities, so it could be challenging to understand who a presenter is when speaking.

Make time for a Q&A

This is perhaps even more important than in face-to-face meetings, as participants in those can raise their hand to interrupt the speaker and ask a question. This isn't always possible in an online forum, so making enough time for a Q&A session is very important.

Schedule The Next Meeting

If the subject you discussed in the meeting needs follow-up, schedule the next meeting promptly. To make your next meeting even better than the previous one, consider all the feedback you received regarding the meeting format.

As you can see, the steps above are similar to the ones you'd take when following up on a face-to-face meeting. However, you need to ensure that your team does not think that it is any less important just because the meeting happened online than a face-to-face meeting. This is why knowing how to follow up on an online meeting will not only bring your team closer together. Regardless of how dispersed it may be, it will also ensure that online discussions are seen as efficient, ensuring they are here to stay.

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