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How to Grow Your Klaviyo Email List 20X More Effectively

A person is effectively growing their Klaviyo email list on a laptop.

Facebook ads and email lists are two of the most common tools in the marketing arsenal of any modern ecommerce brand.

However, many miss out on a huge opportunity to use Recart conversation flows to capture email leads 20x cheaper, faster, more conveniently, and with more personal data.

If you run Facebook ads and email marketing, you are missing out on a huge opportunity if you do not use Recart conversation flows.

Capture emails 20x cheaper

Let’s start with the basics and see how using Recart conversation flows will drastically reduce the cost of acquiring email subscriptions.

Here’s a fairly common scenario for collecting email subscribers: You run Facebook ads to direct traffic to your store where you display a popup to capture the email address of visitors. In this setup, your numbers probably look something like this:

You get 1000 visitors at $1 CPC, your popup has a 5% capture rate, therefore you end up getting 50 subscribers at $20 each. Depending on various factors, this might or might not be profitable for your business. In any case, there is a significantly better way to do it.

Let’s see what your results will look like, if instead of using a popup to get subscribers, you use Recart conversation flows.

You get 1000 visitors at $1 CPC, no difference so far. But here comes the interesting part: Recart conversation flows have a 95% average capture rate, which will give you 950 subscribers. That’s as cheap as $0.95 for each new email subscriber. Sounds good, doesn’t it? Well, there’s even more.

Recart conversation flows will give you the best customer experience

Let’s take a second to think about the user experience of visiting a website, then seeing a popup appear asking for our email address. I will say, it’s all right on a desktop computer. There’s usually enough real estate not to block the complete view with the popup, and users can easily dismiss the popup or type in their email address using their trusty computer keyboard. Not great, not terrible.

The same customer journey, however, will feel completely different on mobile devices. First of all, the screen is way smaller, so if the popup displays a few lines of text and an image, you are most likely blocking the view completely. Customers are also required to type in their email address to subscribe, which they are significantly less likely to do on their phone, than on a conventional computer.

Now, let’s see how the customer journey will look when using a Recart conversation flow for the same purpose.

When tapping on the Facebook Ad, customers will be taken to a Messenger conversation with your brand. When the conversation starts, they are already subscribed to your updates on Messenger, which is still incredibly more engaging than emails.

But, understandably, you also want to subscribe them to email updates. You can use a built-in Recart automation to simply ask for an email address at the beginning of the conversation flow. At this point, the customer will see their Facebook account email appear in a quick reply that they can simply tap to submit. No typing required.

Recart will automatically add the email to the desired Klaviyo list, so now you have them subscribed to your marketing emails as well, effortless for you and your customer.

If you want, you can also throw in an SMS subscription, in which case, the phone number will be added to either Klaviyo or SMSBump, your choice.

So far, the solution looks pretty effective. Yet, there’s one more thing.

Enrich your customer data with Recart conversation flows

There’s certainly a limit to how much you know about your customers when they sign up to your email newsletter. Certain information, crucial for highly targeted marketing, is simply impossible to know when they are added to your Klaviyo list using a conventional popup.

Recart, however, can enrich the data and will submit personal information to Klaviyo contacts, including their preferred language, timezone, first and last name, as well as their gender.

This will allow you to personalize your email and SMS marketing more accurately, which will ultimately give you better engagement and higher conversion rates.

Faster, cheaper, better, more personal

As you can see, even if your email subscription funnel seems okay, you are missing out on a massive number of email subscriptions and enriched user data, unless you use Recart conversation flows to subscribe customers to your Klaviyo lists.

Since Recart conversation flows are very easy to set up and will automatically sync new emails and phone numbers to Klaviyo, there’s really no good excuse for not giving it a try.

You will get the best results if you set up a Click-to-Messenger ad with a Recart conversation flow to collect emails, but you can also get started by integrating Recart Messenger subscription into your Klaviyo form.

Stop wasting leads today

If you are onboard, and would like some help in setting up your first Recart conversation flow to collect Klaviyo subscribers, our Customer Success Team is more than happy to help you out.

If you are not yet convinced and have some questions, we are all ears. Just contact us via our in-app chat or at support@recart.com.

This article originally appeared in the Recart blog and has been published here with permission.

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