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How To Improve SEO For Your New Shopify Ecommerce Website

Two men sitting at a desk with a laptop, giving advice on improving SEO for your new Shopify Ecommerce Website.

Search engine optimization or SEO is a major factor in marketing your business that no company can afford to ignore, especially if you are running an online shop that needs to be as discoverable as possible by your potential customers in order to sell products online successfully. For SEO to be successful, it should be something that you do long-term rather than something that you can set and forget. Playing the long game will take more time, but many companies that get good SEO results will wait at least a few months to see them. 

If you are just starting out with an eCommerce website, then you might be wondering what you can do to improve your SEO and make sure that customers can easily find your website when they search for relevant terms in Google. Starting as early as possible and being prepared for it to take some time before you can see the results that you want from your SEO is going to be the most worthwhile route to take in the long run. 

Keep reading to find out more about what you can do to get your eCommerce business SEO strategy off to the best start. 

Work with an Agency

The best option for business owners today is to work with an experienced SEO agency such as this SEO Agency in Essex. This is because SEO is quite specialized, and many business owners simply do not know enough about it to get the results that they want. While there’s a lot of information out there and lots of tools that you can use to do your own SEO, there’s also a high risk of errors that could lead to your business spending more time and money overall. 

Along with that, you are also going to be competing against eCommerce websites that are working with qualified SEO professionals. SEO can be very time-consuming to try and do on your own, especially if you don’t know much about it, which is just another reason to consider working with an agency. If you are new to SEO, then doing it on your own means that you will need to set aside time to learn and come up with strategies that might work for your business. 

On the other hand, an SEO agency will give you access to professionals who are already well-versed in SEO and can help you select the right strategies to use much earlier. 

Focus on Mobile Friendliness

SEO can begin from the moment you begin designing your eCommerce website. Whether you are building your own using a platform like Shopify or working with a professional website designer, the main aim is to ensure that the experience is just as good for customers who are visiting on a smartphone as it is for those on a desktop. In fact, with mobile web use only growing day by day, it is often even more important these days to focus on the mobile experience as the majority of your customers may be visiting your website on their phone. 

A responsive website design is a must as Google will not rank your site highly if your visitors are having trouble navigating it on any device. Whether your visitors are on a PC, laptop, smartphone, or a tablet, making sure that they’re all able to navigate your site easily and have a great experience is a must. 

Focus on Site Loading Time

Another main factor to focus on when you are designing your eCommerce website is how long it takes to load. This is one of the simplest yet very effective things that you can do to improve your SEO and get more visitors to discover your site through search engines such as Google. Websites that take a long time to load are frustrating to users, therefore Google will not rank them as highly, since it is all about prioritizing the user experience. 

A slow loading time will also affect your website’s bounce rate, with visitors leaving when they can no longer be bothered to wait, ultimately sending signals to Google that your site is not one that people want to visit, which impacts your ranking. The good news is that that there are various free tools that you can use to check how quickly your website is loading. Bear in mind that most people are only willing to wait a couple of seconds for a website to load before they decide to hit the back button and try elsewhere. 

Start a Business Blog

A business blog can be an ideal way to get more content uploaded to your website on a regular basis, which can boost SEO. The more content that is being produced by your business website, the better. One of the best ways to get more content online from your brand is to put together a business blog. You can post articles and posts to your blog that provide visitors with further information about your brand, the latest news such as new products, sales, and events and even tips and advice for getting the most from the products that you sell. 

When creating content for your blog, the readers should always be the main thing that you consider. While it is a good idea to include relevant keywords in your content after conducting keyword research, it’s also crucial to ensure that these do not take over the content. First and foremost, your content should focus on providing value and interest to the readers, while keywords can be included wherever they are natural and make sense. 

Optimize Your Site Content

You should go through all of your site content and make sure that it is optimized for SEO. This will not only include putting relevant keywords into your written content when this can be done naturally, but other types of content will also need attention. Make sure that images have relevant names and tags. As you build your business website, adding images can be the best way to ensure that visitors have access to more information about what you offer in a way that is easy to understand, along with adding visual interest to your website. 

Making sure that your images are named rather than just keeping the original file name will help them be in with a better chance of showing up in Google search results. Taking a few seconds to come up with a descriptive name for each image on your site can make all the difference. 

Utilize Social Media

While social media might not be directly connected to your Google ranking, it is a good idea to utilize it as much as possible to bring more traffic to your website and boost your SEO. You can do this by sharing the content that you publish on your business site or blog on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram. Spend some time setting up social profiles with all relevant networks and make sure that you are using consistent branding throughout. 

Keep your social profiles as active as possible by regularly posting whether you’re linking to your latest blog posts, posting content that has been specifically created for social media, or curating content from around the web that you think your readers and followers might be interested in. You can use social media to engage with your followers and build stronger relationships with them over time. Ultimately, this can help to improve traffic to your website which will help to boost your SEO rankings by sending positive signals to Google. 

Use SEO Plugins

Whether or not you are working with an agency for your SEO, you can benefit from using SEO plugins to help with the process and improve your chance of getting better results. If your website is built on the Shopify platform, then there are many apps available in the Shopify App Store that you can use to help you optimize your site for SEO and get better results. 

Many SEO agencies will use these plugins to save time on the manual tasks that are involved in SEO, so if you are going to be working with an agency, it’s a good idea to speak with them about the plugins that they recommend for your site the most. 

For small eCommerce business owners, SEO can be a very time-consuming job. If you don’t know a lot about SEO when you are first starting out, then there is a lot to learn, and the process can be more daunting than you might realize. To get the business success that you are aiming for, SEO is something that you will need to do over the long-term to help you get the best results. Along with working with professionals, it is good to know some of the main things to do on your site to boost rankings. 

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