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How To Increase Shopify Sales With A Mobile App In 2022

Increase Shopify Sales With a Mobile App

Over 2 million businesses from all across the globe are using Shopify, making it one of the most renowned e-commerce platforms in the industry. It is the fastest-growing and the most searched e-commerce platform on Google. Choosing Shopify to sell online is the right choice.

It is the responsibility of the Shopify store manager to ensure that the products are selling. Having a website is a good start for an online store, but it is not the ultimate aim. No matter what sector your business is from, the only way to enhance sales is to convert your Shopify store into a mobile application. Consumers from all across the world like to shop on mobile instead of a desktop or laptop.

Tips for Leveraging a Mobile App to Boost Shopify Store's Sales

Your Shopify store competes with big brands like Amazon. To do well, you have to meet the customers' expectations that are set high. This guide has some tips that will help you to enhance sales with a mobile app.

Loyalty Programs

Customer retention is significant in any business, and loyalty programs are the best way to achieve this. It encourages visitors to spend more money and thus enhances their shopping spree.

customer loyalty

Both these factors will boost your sales. You can also have a loyalty program without a mobile application, but an app will take it to the next level.

Customers will not visit your website every day. Even the most regular customers will not check the web pages more than twice a month.

Even when they land on the website, there is a probability they will log into their profile and check their loyalty status is less. But they use their phones every day, and so the Shopify development agency suggests using apps for the success of loyalty programs of eCommerce brands. It makes the tracking process easy and motivates the users to reach the next step.

Push Notifications

The level of connectivity achieved through a mobile application is unbeatable. You can interact with your customers every day through chat boxes or email. But a lot of factors contribute to an email campaign being successful.


For an email campaign to become successful, you need to turn website visitors into email subscribers. Communication is still not 100% promised after customers join the email list. But what is the guarantee that the recipients open and read your email? Thus, push notifications are vital to switching to apps from websites.

Once the customers download your e-commerce app, you can communicate with them via push notifications. They beat emails in terms of engagement because they will appear as text messages on the user's mobile phone. The probability of reading a notification message is higher than opening a random email in the inbox.

To have more Shopify sales through a mobile application, send only notifications that add real value to the customers, such as discount codes, flash sales, and delivery notifications. Sending a hello or a weekly newsletter can be annoying. It may backfire, and customers may mute your app notifications.

Convert Your Online Stone Into an App for Offering Flexible Payment Alternatives

A mobile application gives more payment options to customers than a website. Not all users have Visa or Mastercard. So offering different types of payment gateways is necessary to include extensive audiences. It improves the conversion rate at the checkout time, thus increasing sales.

A survey concludes that more than 50% of the checkouts on Shopify come from a mobile device. It also states that 30% of the users will not complete the purchase process if they do not receive an optimized experience. A significant reason to switch to a mobile app is that you can accommodate the following preferences:

All Major Debit & Credit Cards

  • Gift cards
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay
  • Google Pay

These payment gateways are common on iOS and Android devices. These gateways' integration with your shopping app will give an optimized experience to your users.

Referral Codes

E-commerce stores launch several referral programs, but not all are successful. To implement a successful customer referral code, convert your online store on Shopify into a mobile application. In such a program, customers get an incentive to recommend your brand to others. After determining the promotion, identify how customers will share information with their friends and family. It is a complicated process without an app.

People will have to manually type names, phone numbers, email addresses, and other information through a website. Most people will skip this time-consuming task. An application will simplify the process of giving referrals by integrating the users' contact lists. People will offer referrals by choosing names from their contact list. They can also share the promo codes directly on social media profiles. It will increase the fraction of users who give referrals.

Final Thoughts

Even if your online store is doing well, there are endless reasons to turn the Shopify store into a mobile app. Your sales and customer base will rise significantly through a mobile app. The opportunities through a website will be limited.

However, a mobile application will allow you to push the limits of your e-commerce store. Selecting Shopify to power your online business is already the right choice. Now is the time to go with the trend and build a mobile app for e-commerce.

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