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How To Keep Shoppers Coming Back For More


If your brand is experiencing an influx of new shoppers, whether it’s from the holidays, a new sale, a collaboration or partnership, or just an unexpected surge in demand (nice!), it’s essential to ensure your brand has strategies in place to continuously engage those new shoppers and keep them loyal. 

Alternatively, if your brand is experiencing a drop-off in purchases after a seasonal or timely event, the recommendation still stands: re-engaging both past customers and new first-time shoppers will enable your brand to extend the conversation and meet your retention goals.

So, whether you’re turning the off-season back into the on-season, or you’re capitalizing on an exciting moment of high demand, we’ve compiled several strategies leveraging the ultimate retention-driving duo — SMS marketing and loyalty programs —  to incentivize shoppers to come back and buy again and again.
Check in! Confirm purchase satisfaction, ask for feedback, and encourage referrals
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