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How to Land Guest Podcasts Appearances



Are you using podcasts?


Ideally, you should have your own podcast for your Shopify store. If you have your own podcast, great – you’re halfway there.


But are you making the most of podcasts?


Making your own podcast is a great way to connect with your current audience. Guesting on other podcasts is a great way to attract new audiences to your brand.


How can you appear on podcasts as a guest?


Well, you can wait for podcast hosts to ask you, or you can reach out to make these requests happen.


If you wait for hosts to contact you, it could take awhile before you get any offers. Instead, your goal is to reach out to them yourself and make a case for your appearance on their podcast.


Choosing Podcasts to Appear On


Before you reach out to anyone, you need to make a list of podcasts you’d like to appear on.


The podcasts you reach out to should have a similar audience to your own. If you sell video games, you should list video game and tech podcasts. If you sell makeup, you should list podcasts about cosmetics.


But how can you find relevant podcasts to guest on?


Search iTunes for relevant keywords

Use Google to search for podcasts

Check out podcast directories, like cast.market


Your list should have no less than 5 podcasts, but the more you list, the better. Put down each podcast’s name, their URL, and the topic they cover as you organize your list.


Once you have your list, it’s time to reach out to the podcast owners.


Writing an Effective Pitch


In order to guest on podcasts, you’ll need to write an effective pitch.


Why should the podcast owner you’re reaching out to let you guest on their show?


Your pitch is your opportunity to show them exactly why they want to work with you.


As you create your pitch, make sure it covers three key areas:


Which topics you’re an expert in, and which you have valuable knowledge about.

The problem you’d like to address during your time on the podcast, and what your proposed solution it.

Your opinion on the topic.


Answer these questions as thoroughly as possible. Make sure you’re pitching a discussion which will cover at least 20 minutes of conversation in order to make the most of your time on the podcast.


Reaching Out to Hosts


Once you have your pitch, it’s time to send it to podcast hosts.


Most podcasts hosts will feature their contact information on their website. This should include their name and their email. Find this information for each podcast on your list, and add it next to each podcast’s name.


Then, it’s all about sending out your pitch.


Send your pitch to each podcast on your list, starting with those you prioritize most highly. Be polite and respectful as you craft your email. Emphasize what you have to offer the podcast director, don’t talk about how the podcast will help you.


Start your email off with a compliment. Tell the podcast director how much you love their content, and how much it’s helped you. Then, you should discuss the topics you’d like to cover during your segment on their podcasts. Again, emphasize how your perspective on these topics will provide value to the podcast’s audience.


A great pitch email will make or break your chances of appearing on a podcast. The better your pitch, the more likely you’ll be invited for an appearance. Think of this email as an ever-valuable first impression.


Following Up


Sometimes, your email won’t get a reply right away – but don’t let this discourage you.


Podcast directors are people, too. Like us, they may read your email and tell themselves to reply later, only to forget.


This is okay. You can fix it with a simple follow-up email.


If you’re like me, you might struggle with follow-up emails. How do you remind someone else of your presence or request without coming across as annoying or needy?


Turns out, by being very polite and crafting your follow-up email carefully.


In your follow-up, you might discuss another podcast appearance you’ve done within the past few weeks. This is a great way to show the podcast director you’re serious about your request while simultaneously giving them an appearance to draw an opinion from.


You might also then ask the podcast director if they’ve found a free spot in their podcast schedule to fit you in as a guest. Ask this politely, don’t make any demands or come across as entitled.


Kindly ask the podcast director to get back to you when they have the time, and hit send. Continue with follow-up emails using this template to show them you’re serious about making an appearance – of course, you should be polite each time, and do your best not to come across as needy.


Making Your Appearance


You did it! You’re about to make a guest appearance on a podcast. Exciting, right?


Now that you’ve solidified this opportunity, you need to make the most of it. Your main goal is to promote something of value to the audience, something free.


Once you build a better relationship with the podcast’s audience, you can begin promoting paid products. However, your first appearance should focus on providing value for free.


When the audience sees the product you’re offering for free, they’ll be more likely to navigate to your store. Everyone loves free stuff. Now that they’ve navigated to your store, you’ll need to make your content and products work for you to turn them into valuable customers.


What are your tips for landing guest appearances on podcasts? Let us know in the comments below!


Special thanks to Podcast Motor for the inspiration of this post!


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