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How to Maintain High Quality Production in Quarantine | Blog | Hawke Media

A blog post from Hawke Media discussing tips for maintaining high quality production during quarantine, featuring a candle, book, and bottle of essential oil.

As the global market adjusts to the “new normal”, many industries have had to modify their service offerings. For photo and video production, a service that inherently requires multi-person teams, social distancing and medical sanitation standards have posed substantial challenges. Overcoming these challenges quickly is vital, as the interruption caused by COVID-19 has not demonstrated a corresponding decrease in demand for branded content. In fact, many businesses are in need of resources to create a quick video or branded imagery with updated messaging. 

Forbes has reported that the coronavirus outbreak has caused an unprecedented demand for categories such as telemedicine, family items, online education, and more. A great example of this is Masterclass, a subscription service for online classes, which is boosting its ad spend to meet the demand of new users. While many brands are leveraging the current landscape to reach more consumers, it’s important to keep in mind that people want to see content that’s relevant to what they’re experiencing right now. This requires agencies to be nimble and creative, ensuring that all content that’s produced adheres to our new environment. 

Hawke’s production team has been able to continue to produce content in a safe and socially responsible manner by adopting some best practices. Due to the safer at home restrictions, we are not able to accommodate clients on set, hire talent, or shoot with crews. All of our productions are now held in our photographers’ personal studios. We’ve shifted our creative focus by highlighting the products and art direction, as well as how we can effectively replace lifestyle situations. In order to ensure collaboration with our clients, which remains a crucial part of the process, we’ve transitioned to virtual communication by sending test shots via email/text on the day of the shoot. Additionally, we’ve placed an emphasis on animated videos. Scripting, storyboarding, and animation can all be produced in the comfort of an expert's home-studio. The animated video format is well-suited for many of the verticals that are pushing content at this time (ie: telehealth etc).

In times of crisis, the Production Team at Hawke is grateful that we can still service our clients in a safe, cost-effective way. Take a look at some of the work we’ve done with few of our clients, Weider and Curatio CBD, all while sheltering in place.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we’ve adapted to the COVID-19 Pandemic, please click here. Stay safe and be well!

This article originally appeared in the HawkeMedia blog and has been published here with permission.

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