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How to Make Your Company More Family-Friendly

A family-friendly group coming together to make and solve jigsaw puzzles.

Some of the most successful businesses in the world have secured their place because they made a point of catering for the whole family.

Companies that understand parents want to shop, spend money, and get some downtime are much more likely to see a lot of spend. 

Think about companies like Ikea, for example. While they serve great food and are a furniture store, they have things like Smoland, where the children of shopping parents can go and play for a while. Their store is also filled with other fun stuff for children to do. 

Restaurant chains that want parents to eat in peace often have a recreational playground, like those from https://www.generalrecreationinc.com/commercial-play-equipment/ where children can play while adults can enjoy a warm drink and some conversation. 

So, what can you do to make your business more child-friendly? 

Play Area

Yes! There is almost nothing that says ‘family-friendly’ like a play area. It almost doesn’t matter what type of store you have because you can guarantee that people who arrive with children can spend more and shop for longer if the little ones are occupied. 

Shopping distraction-free, knowing their children are nearby and in a safe place can make a world of difference. 


The Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn has a range of screens at small child height, complete with tiny seats for children to sit on while their parents are shopping. Not to mention, they often have a coffee machine and mini shopping carts. 

Because if you care for the children, the parents are free to get everything they were looking for – and when people are in a good mood, they tend to buy a little extra too. 

Shopping Hours

In the last few years, there has been an increase in different shopping times for different groups of people. Each of the allotted time slots caters to that group in the best way possible, and if you have the means to dedicate a range of time slots for older people and those who need to shop in a quiet way, then it could be a great idea to have a set time for parents with children in certain age groups.

It means there will be no other shoppers who might not have the patience to shop with younger children. 

If your budget allows, consider setting up a childcare corner during specific hours, in compliance with Eikoh EYLF guidelines, to accommodate a small number of children at a time.

Observing what happens in other stores can be a good idea to ensure that you care for the customer. Look at the struggles of parents or those caring for children, and see what solutions you can implement in your business. Being family-friendly can go a long way to making sure that you are successful, along with these tips: Bringing Retail Success To The Fore.

Becoming a Family Favorite

Businesses benefit from increased customer loyalty and better profit margins when they find ways to cater to the entire family. They understand that a happy child equals a relaxed parent, likelier to spend more time and money in the store. But how does a business transform from a simple commercial entity to a family favorite destination? The answer is more straightforward than you might think.

Creating a Child's Paradise

The first step is to create an environment that is engaging for children. This doesn't mean turning your business into a playground but incorporating elements that cater to children's needs. A designated play area with safe and fun equipment can significantly impact. Parents can shop peacefully, knowing their children are entertained in a secure environment. This simple addition can transform a tedious shopping trip into a fun family outing.

Digital Engagement

In this digital age, screens are pivotal in capturing children's attention. A strategic placement of screens with engaging content can make your business more appealing to families. The Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn has mastered this technique. They have screens at child height with tiny seats for children. This allows parents to shop while their children are engaged and entertained.

Empathetic Scheduling

Understanding the unique challenges different customer groups face is the key to creating a customer-centric environment. Offering specific shopping hours for older people, those who prefer a quieter shopping environment, and families with young children can be an effective strategy. This empathetic scheduling approach can make customers feel valued and understood.

Extra Care

Finally, if your budget allows, consider providing professional childcare services. This could be as simple as having a designated corner with qualified childcare personnel who can supervise a limited number of children at a time. Parents can book slots for a small charge, giving them peace of mind and the freedom to shop at a leisurely pace.


Becoming a family-friendly business requires a deep understanding of parents' shopping challenges. It's about creating an environment where children are entertained and parents can shop without distractions. Companies can transform themselves into family-friendly destinations by incorporating play areas, digital engagement tools, empathetic scheduling, and childcare services. This enhances the customer experience and contributes to better business growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to be a family-friendly business?
A family-friendly business caters to the needs of both parents and children to create a pleasant shopping experience.

Why is it essential to be a family-friendly business?
Being a family-friendly business can increase customer loyalty, extend shopping time, and boost profits.

What strategies can businesses use to become family-friendly?
Businesses can use strategies like creating play areas, using digital screens for engagement, empathetic scheduling, and offering professional childcare services.

How does a play area benefit a business?
Play areas allow children to be entertained while parents shop, leading to longer shopping times and increased spending.

What is the role of screens in a family-friendly business?
Screens with engaging content can keep children occupied, allowing parents to shop without distractions.

Why should businesses consider having specific shopping hours for different groups?
Having specific shopping hours for different groups shows empathy towards the unique needs of other customers and can improve the shopping experience for everyone.

What are the advantages of offering professional childcare services in a business?
Offering professional childcare services provides parents peace of mind, enabling them to shop at a relaxed pace, which could lead to increased spending.

How can screens be used effectively in a business to engage children?
Screens can be used to display engaging content for children, keeping them occupied and entertained while their parents shop.

What can businesses learn from the Dutch supermarket chain Albert Heijn?
Businesses can learn how to use digital engagement tools effectively to entertain children and provide a better shopping experience for parents.

How can empathetic scheduling contribute to a business's growth?
Empathetic scheduling can increase customer satisfaction, loyalty, and business growth by accommodating the unique needs of different customer groups.

Why is it essential to create a secure environment for children in a business?
Creating a secure environment for children gives parents peace of mind, allowing them to focus on their shopping and possibly spend more.

What are some ways to make a business environment engaging for children?
Businesses can create play areas, use engaging digital content on screens, and offer professional childcare services to make the environment more engaging for children.

How can businesses benefit from becoming more family-friendly?
Becoming more family-friendly can lead to increased customer loyalty, longer shopping times, higher customer satisfaction, and increased profits.

What is the role of professional childcare in a family-friendly business?
Professional childcare in a family-friendly business provides a safe and engaging space for children, allowing parents to shop without distractions.

Can any business become family-friendly?
Yes, any business that accommodates families in its customer base can implement strategies to become more family-friendly.

What is the first step a business should take to become more family-friendly?
The first step is to understand the needs and challenges of families when shopping and then implement strategies that address these needs, such as creating a play area or offering childcare services.

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