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How to Promote your Ecommerce Quiz to Drive Marketing Opt-ins


If there’s one thing every ecommerce brand wants more of, it’s marketing opt-ins. 

Across your site, you likely have different ways customers can share an email or phone number with you. And although tools like pop-ups and chat widgets are great for these reasons, it’s every brand’s dream to see their marketing list skyrocket. 

The point of collecting opt-ins is so you can engage with potential customers off-site. Whether it’s through an email campaign, a Facebook Messenger conversation or an SMS message, it’s important to be able to nurture customers with engaging and valuable content that drives them to purchase your products. 

So here’s the scoop: an ecommerce quiz will drive more opt-ins for your brandand they’ll be quality opt-ins at that. The only work on your end is to make sure you’re promoting your quiz enough so customers are able to discover it, engage with it and share their contact information with you (and likely make a purchase too). 

In this article, we’ll show you how to use a quiz to drive opt-ins, how to determine if you need a quiz, the type of quizzes you can create and how to promote your quiz to increase engagement. Check it out below! 

Why an ecommerce quiz is the number one way to drive opt-ins 

Did you know that 75% of marketers say non-gated interactive content results in a higher degree of lead nurturing? With a quiz, ecommerce merchants can build this kind of interactive content that not only engages with new website visitors but drives them along the purchase funnel quickly. 

Whether you offer an incentive or ask for an email in order for the user to get their quiz results, customers are already engaged with your content because of the quiz, which is why it’s a great opportunity to ask for an email, SMS or Facebook Messenger opt-in at the same time. 

Bariatric Fusion quiz opt-in screenshot

Using a quiz, Bariatric Fusion was able to collect 16X more emails than their pop-ups. This was simply because they used a quiz to help customers find the perfect vitamin routine. Before the results, they offered customers 10% off their first order by signing up for the Bariatric Fusion newsletter. 

If you want to learn more about Bariatric Fusion’s quiz strategy, we wrote an entire case study that details how they collected so many emails and got a conversion rate of 15% from their quiz results page. Read it here! 

How to determine if your brand needs an ecommerce quiz

Brands in every industry can benefit from an ecommerce quiz. There are so many types of quizzes you can create to engage your buyers, so you can easily craft one that works for your industry. 

To help you understand and determine if your customers would get value from a quiz, ask yourself and your team these questions:

  • Do customers shop at your store in order to address a need, concern or preference? What is it?
  • Do customers ever ask you for help figuring out what product they should get?
  • Do you want to know more about your customers?
  • Would your customers have a better experience if it was personalized?
  • Are there conversations you find yourself having with your customers over and over again?

Okayyes these questions are more generalized, but if you answered “Yes” to any of them, then a quiz will benefit your brand in all these ways. 

The type of quizzes you can create with Octane AI’s Shop Quiz

In the same way you can have an infinite number of conversations with your customers, there is an infinite number of quizzes that you can create. In fact, you can make an interactive quiz for almost any use case, from recommending gifts to creating engaging adventures that delight your customers.

Examples of ecommerce quizzes

Your creative freedom is infinite when it comes to quiz creation, but here are a few quiz types we’ve seen ecommerce merchants build:  

  • Product recommender
  • Gift Finder
  • Routine Finder
  • Customer onboarding
  • Size Finder
  • Survey
  • Bundle builder
  • Style finder
  • Customer support
  • Consultation
  • Recipe finder
  • Personality quiz
  • Choose your own adventure
  • Product reveal
  • Educational

In any of these use-cases, your questions can be crafted in a way that lets you explore more about who your customers are. Get as creative as possibleDoe Lashes certainly did in the question below. 

Example of Doe Lashes' Quiz Question about favorite cartoon

If you’re wondering why Doe Lashes asks customers what cartoon show they liked the most as a child, there are two reasons: to customers, this is a fun additional question to reminisce about the past. For Doe Lashes, this is a subtle way of understanding a customer’s potential age range. Genius, right? 

However, once you’ve decided what kind of quiz you’re going to create and build your questions. The next step is to launch it and get customers to take it. How you increase your quiz engagement is with promotion (organic and paid). 

How to promote your quiz to boost engagement 

Examples of where to promote your ecommerce quiz

How you promote your quiz can influence what kinds of customers see it and how you might want to tailor your content. Don’t worry if you don’t have tons of ad dollars to spend on promoting your quiz (although you can promote it this way too). In most of the examples below, we’ll show you how you can promote your ecommerce quiz in organic ways to ensure customers are discovering it and interacting with it. 

Let us show you how to place your quiz where it matters most. 

Announce your quiz on your Homepage 

Example of Skinny Mixes' homepage with their quiz

Your homepage is where your quiz will be most visible to new and returning customers. Promoting your quiz here will give you a better sample of buyer profiles since you’ll get a broad range of people engaging with it. 

Remember that your ecommerce quiz sits at the top of the funnel, so it doesn’t need to be super targeted. Your goal is to capture more customers, learn how they are and collect their contact information to engage with them againthat is when you can start to personalize your content. 

Announcing your quiz on your homepage is a great way to engage with every new visitor that discovers your brand.

Add a link in your navigation bar or footer

Example of Spongelle's navigation bar with their quiz in it

We mentioned it earlier, but when customers discover interactive content like a quiz they will engage with it. Adding a call-out and link in your navigation and footer menu will allow more customers to discover it. This placement is perfect for customers who are browsing your store but aren’t totally confident in what they’re looking for. 

In the example above, Spongelle simply writes “Fragrance Quiz” as the last section in their navigation menu. This is enough to pique a website visitor’s interest to learn more. 

Add a CTA on your product pages

Example of promoting your quiz with a product page CTA

When customers browse your store and products, they’ll often click on specific products to read the details and reviews. Adding a quiz call-to-action on your product pages is perfect for customers who aren’t yet confident enough to purchase the product they’re looking at. 

When stores have a large selection of products, customers can find themselves endlessly browsing. A quiz will help them narrow down the product catalog to find perfect matches for their needs. Add the product page CTA so customers can discover and feel confident about your products. 

Call attention to your quiz with pop-ups

Example of Brevite's pop-up to promote their quiz

As customers peruse your website and products, they can easily miss other call-outs you may have for your quiz. Pop-ups have high visibility because they’re hard to miss. Although merchants worry about being disruptive with a pop-up, there’s a reason most marketers still use themthey work. 

Using a pop-up can quickly grab the attention of a potential customer. Use one to welcome new visitors and offer the quiz as a way to get onboarded with your brand, or use an exit-intent to stop customers that were about to leave your store. 

Announce your quiz with an email campaign

Example of an email you can send to promote your quiz

Don’t forget about emailing your current customers to announce your quiz. Although you want to collect more opt-ins, collecting more data about your current customer base is just as powerful for your future campaigns. Promote your quiz using targeted messaging to create higher engagement. 

Using an email announcement to your list can capture two types of customers to make a purchase: those who are already loyal to your brand, and customers who are opted-in to your marketing lists but haven’t actually purchased anything yet. Your email list will engage with your quiz to learn more about what it is and how it can help them discover products. See how promoting your quiz via email can drive purchases quickly?  

Meet new customers with paid ads

Example of Spongelle's paid ad to promote its quiz

To discover completely new customers and target a segment you’re interested in, you can promote your quiz using paid ads and specific targeting. This will help grow your marketing list with customers that fit your target audience. Since these visitors are directed to your quiz, it’s a great way to use your quiz to onboard them by introducing your brand and products. 

In the example above, our partners at Mutesix created a successful top-of-funnel ad for Spongelle. The first question in the quiz already helps Spongelle determine whether the visitor is a new customer or not, so they can segment their quiz answers after each visitor completes it. 

Tips for getting better results with your quiz 

Just because you’re promoting your quiz well doesn’t mean the work ends there. You also want to ensure customers are interested in completing your quiz. From the first question to the results page, let us share a few tips for getting the best results with your quiz. 

  • Make your quiz fun and engaging. Use images, GIFS, explainer screens and fun language. Anything that makes the experience fun and enjoyable is a benefit.
  • Don't make your quiz too long or complex. You only have moments to capture a customer’s attention and engage with them, and you want to avoid users dropping off before they complete the quiz. 
  • Making your email, SMS and Facebook Messenger opt-in optional to prevent people dropping off before completing. 
  • Offer an incentive in exchange for a customer deciding to share their contact information with you.
  • If your quiz results page shares products, including a recommended products section is always a win to upsell more.
  • Personalize your quiz as much as you can. Make sure all the buttons, text and images are on brand.

Do you feel confident to create and promote an ecommerce quiz for your brand now? Good luck! And we’re here if you have any questions.

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Special thanks to our friends at OctaneAI for their insights on this topic.
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