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How To Radically Improve Your Cloud Storage

A woman using a laptop for eCommerce marketing in a server room.

Are you happy with your current cloud storage solutions? Most companies would say there is room for improvement.

Putting your data in the cloud allows remote employees and technicians in the field to access files quickly. However, it also can bring some headaches you might have yet to consider before embracing the data storage model.

What Is the Biggest Problem With Cloud Storage?

The cloud storage market is an estimated $83.41 billion, with a projected growth of $376.67 billion by 2029. Paying for digital storage isn’t inexpensive for most companies, and you do put some of your files at risk. Going with a brand that takes security seriously is crucial, which can further add to the costs. 

How can you radically improve your cloud storage and benefit from its many benefits?

1. Research Your Provider

Regarding third-party cloud storage solution providers, not all companies are created equal. Could you list your needs as a business owner and seek a server offering your must-haves? 

Once you’ve narrowed the list of possible cloud storage providers to a handful, start looking up reviews. What do their former and current customers say about them? 

Your last step should be to ask any questions that aren’t readily available on their website. What must you know to ensure the provider meets your needs as a growing brand?

2. Choose the Right Cloud Storage Environment

You’re probably already aware you have the option of different types of cloud storage, including public, private, and hybrid. Figure out which is best for the various needs of your company. You might need a mix of different types to handle multiple drama categories. 

If you’re unsure what you need, consult your IT department or the cloud storage providers to see which things you can store on a secure, private cloud and what should go into a different system. 

3. Train Workers in Proper Procedures

When you allow workers to upload and download things from the cloud and give multiple people access, there’s the potential for lost data and disorganized filing. The best way to avoid a data mess is to train workers in the company’s procedures.

How are things filed? What do they do if they can’t find the proper category? Is there a system that allows them to figure out where to store files?

What are some things your brand can do to avoid accidentally deleting files that might be needed in the future? 

4. Use Data to Improve CX

One of the ways you can radically improve your cloud storage is in the ways you utilize it. Massive data from which you can pull reports allow you to understand customer behaviors better and improve customer experience CX. Studies show that people with a positive CX are 20% more satisfied than customers without

For example, you might run a report based on negative feedback and see if any patterns emerge. Once you know what most people complain about, you can fix those issues before they occur for customers, improving CX and eliminating problems. 

5. Keep Only What You Need

With all the regulations surrounding data, keeping only what you need is crucial. For example, you don’t need to store customers’ credit card numbers indefinitely. The General Data Protection Regulation act helps define what companies should and shouldn’t keep when dealing with European Union citizens. 

California also has a data protection law companies must follow if doing business across state lines. Always err on the side of caution. Not only does the cloud allow you to ramp up security and keep data safe, but it allows you to delete old files quickly. 

Talk to Your Cloud Provider

If you’re experiencing any issues with your cloud storage, such as slow upload speeds, it may be due to the provider limiting bandwidth to spread resources across multiple clients better. Talk to your cloud provider and find out what you can do to improve any issues you’re experiencing.

Technology constantly improves. Over time, you’ll find cloud storage has better and more opportunities for your brand to grow while keeping vital information safe and accessible. 

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