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How To Resolve Trademark Disputes In UAE: Legal And Practical Considerations

A person in the UAE signing a legal document with a pen.

Trademark disputes are a common existence in the UAE, where businesses of all sizes compete for market share in a vibrant economy.

These disputes can arise when a company believes another business is invading its trademark rights. The consequences of such disputes can be severe for instance;

  • Financial Losses
  • Damage to Reputation
  • Legal Repercussions

It is important to resolve trademark disputes in a timely and effective manner to mitigate these risks. By taking positive steps and seeking legal guidance when necessary, companies can safeguard their interests and avoid prolonged and costly disputes. In this article, we will see legal and practical considerations for resolving trademark disputes in UAE.

What is a Trademark in UAE?

In the UAE, a trademark is a unique symbol or design that sets apart the goods or services of one business from those of others. The Federal Law No. 37 of 1992 on Trademarks defines a trademark as some unique elements such as;

  • Name
  • Word
  • Logo
  • Packaging

They are used to distinguish the products or services a business provides from those provided by its contenders. A trademark can also specify the origin of a product or service, classifying the company that manufactured or provided it.

Legal consideration for resolving Trademark disputes in UAE

Legal considerations play an essential role in resolving trademark disputes in the UAE. Here are some of the legal aspects to consider when resolving trademark disputes in the UAE;

Impression of UAE trademark laws and regulations

The UAE has a complete legal framework for trademarks that are aligned with global standards. The UAE trademark law provides security for trademarks and forbids the unauthorized use of registered marks by third parties. To keep a trademark in the UAE, it is important to register it with the relevant authorities.

Jurisdictional considerations for resolving trademark disputes

Jurisdictional considerations are important when resolving trademark disputes in the UAE. The UAE court system is divided into two tiers Local courts and Federal courts.

  • Local courts have jurisdiction over civil and commercial matters such as disputes related to intellectual property rights.
  • Federal courts have jurisdiction over disputes such as the federal government, state governments, and disputes between emirates.

It is important to seek legal advice on a suitable jurisdiction before initiating legal proceedings.

Practical Consideration for resolving Trademark Disputes in UAE

In addition to the legal considerations involved in resolving trademark disputes in UAE, there are also some practical considerations to keep in mind. Here is some practical advice for resolving trademark disputes in the UAE;

Pre-trial tactics for resolving trademark disputes

Before initiating litigation, businesses can explore some pre-litigation approaches to resolve trademark disputes such as;

  • Negotiation involves direct considerations between the parties
  • Mediation involves a neutral third party helping the parties to reach an agreement
  • Arbitration is a private and binding form of dispute resolution where an arbitrator decides the outcome of the dispute.

ADR options for resolving trademark disputes

Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) options can effectively resolve trademark disputes in the UAE. ADR provides a more flexible and economical approach to dispute resolution than traditional litigation.

It allows the parties to reach an agreement without going to court. ADR is particularly useful for companies seeking to maintain a positive relationship with the other party or those looking to resolve the dispute in a timelier way.

Steps to take when facing a Trademark Dispute in UAE

If you find yourself in a trademark dispute in UAE, there are some steps you can take to protect your interests and resolve the dispute efficiently. Here are some imperative considerations and steps to take;

Primary considerations

When faced with a trademark dispute, remaining calm and taking a proactive approach is important. Gather all related information, such as;

  • Evidence of your trademark registration
  • Evidence of the alleged infringement

Legal and practical steps

Your legal and practical retort will depend on the nature of the dispute, the strength of your case, and your aims for resolving the dispute. Some practical steps include;

  • Reviewing your trademark registration and ensuring that it covers the products or services in question
  • Reviewing the other party's trademark registration
  • Assessing its strength
  • Exploring pre-litigation strategies

Factors to consider when deciding on a resolution strategy

When deciding on a resolution approach, you should consider several factors. These factors are very significant such as;

  • The strength of your case
  • The possible costs and risks of legal action
  • The potential impact on your business
  • Your desired outcome

You may consider negotiating a clearance, hunting alternative dispute resolution options, or initiating a trial.


Trademark disputes in UAE can be difficult, but with the right legal and practical considerations, they can be determined promptly and operatively. It is essential to work with a reliable law firm such as Far Consulting Middle East which has wide experience in trademark disputes in the UAE. With their direction, you can protect your rational property rights and achieve a favorable resolution.

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