How to Retarget Optimonk Discount Abandoners on Facebook Messenger

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Optimonk is a popup app that helps Shopify merchants convert their store visitors into email and Messenger subscribers. For most stores, Optimonk popups with discount incentives convert 10-25% of visitors to email and Messenger subscribers.

How about turning those subscribers into customers? Do you know how many subscribers actually buy from you? According to our own research we ran with the best Shopify merchants, 87-95% of subscribers don’t purchase even after receiving the lucrative discount offer.

87-95% of your popup subscribers don’t purchase from you. That’s why we built Discount Abandonment Flow for Optimonk.

You already know about cart abandonment. On the same analogy, the above-mentioned scenario is called discount abandonment. And it’s an even bigger problem than cart abandonment itself. To help Shopify merchants tackle discount abandonment in their business, Recart now allows to send an automated reminder those who recently abandoned their discount offers.

The flow is available in the Recart Template Library

Activate your discount abandonment flow

As a new Recart users, visit Recart’s Template Library, and open the Optimonk Flow from there. It’s also available from within your Recart dashboard. Follow this path to access your flow: Recart – Messenger – Auto Campaigns – Welcome – Optimonk. You’ll find your pre-built Optimonk Flow with automated followups.

If you actively use or used the Optimonk Welcome Flow before, you can go to Recart – Messenger – Auto Campaigns – Welcome – Optimonk and add follow-ups to your flow easily by adding delay and conditional split elements. More on that here.

Best practices & Recommendations

  1. Use the “Activate Discount” approach in the first message.

    Use a button on the welcome message and say activate or unlock the discount. Link the button to the next message where you provide the discount code to your subscribers.
Connect automated follow-ups to the second message so you don’t overwhelm subscribers who aren’t interested in your offer

It’s an immersely important step for generating Messenger subscribers: once they replied to your message with the button tap they become your permanent Messenger subscribers and become eligible for the follow-ups and Sponsored Messages later. Sponsored Messages deliver the highest ROAS Facebook campaigns right now, so you should definitely give it a go and run a test with them.

2. Use one or two follow-ups.

Your customers are really busy. Don’t overwhelm them. Sending them one or two friendly reminders can be incredibly effective. We recommend sending the first reminder early (1-2 hours) and end the flow in 24 hours. There’s no need to hunt them with three or more follow-ups. Listen to your audience. If you experience negative feedback, lower the number of follow-ups.

3. Always ask the question in the follow-up.

Have you made the purchase? Our Conditional Split logic will detect most of the purchases, but it can’t detect the customers who subscribed via their phone and then pulled up their computer to finish the purchase.

Make sure you follow up with a question and keep the conversation going

4. Use the “Has items in cart” conditional block before follow-ups.

You can set either Has purchased or Has items in cart, however, in case customers added something to the cart, either the abandoned cart or the receipt campaign will fire.

If you have Abandoned Cart Campaign enabled, set the condition to Has items in cart before the follow-ups

Start using the Optimonk Flow today

You Optimonk popups armed with the Welcome Flow will easily turn into your most profitable marketing automation. It will not only drive significant bottom line revenue, but it will help you build a strong Messenger subscription list that you can re-engage with Sponsored Messages later.

This article was originally published by our friends at Recart.

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