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How to Throw the Perfect Ecommerce Event to Attract New Clients and Investors

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Nothing makes a statement with quite the same grandeur as an event that seers itself on the memory of your clients and investors.

Ecommerce is a vastly diverse and intriguing line of work, one that entices countless new recruits to its ranks every single day.

Suffice to say, standing out can be difficult, but nonetheless important if you want to make real waves with your own business.

Event marketing can be one of the very best ways to do this. Even if you have not thrown an event before, or you are only a fledgling company yet to make its big break, do not panic, events can be fun and hugely rewarding if you do them right, no matter how small or large your company happens to be.

Restrictions and health concerns are obviously still a massive issue in today’s climate, and convincing people to attend an event in the midst of a pandemic is not always the easiest or safest route to take.

This is where the digital world comes into play. No matter how you decide to do it in the end, as long as you keep your goals in sight and you find the perfect tone in which to set your event, you should be fine.

Here are some tips to help you throw the perfect ecommerce event to attract new clients and investors.

Make it Accessible

No matter how you decide to set up your event, be it virtual, in-person, or a hybrid mix of the two, any live content you present needs to be accessible.

For example, people should not be left out from the action just because they are not able to benefit from audio, or people who depend on a wheelchair to move around should not be prevented from entering your event just because of poor accessibility options.

By using the right tools, you can make sure that everyone is able to benefit from your event, no matter what their personal situation and ability happens to be.

You could think about introducing live captioning for events too, an excellent real-time captioning service that can help you ensure everyone benefits from your live content. Whether this is in the form of a virtual meeting, a presentation, a course, or countless other live iterations, making sure your audience can engage with your content in the first place is essential.

Set the Tone

What kind of company are you trying to present yourself as? This is an extremely important question to ask when planning the event, as it will likely inform everything from your entertainment and your food and drink to your venue and your music selection.

Do you want to be a cool and sophisticated company that emanates a sense of elegance? Perhaps you want to be a fun and carefree company that showers its event attendees in candy? Maybe you want to go for a mix of both, but whatever you decide to pick, remember to keep your goals in plain view.

For example, if you want to convince new clients that you are the professionals to turn to for services, you might not want to make your event look too much like a night out on the town.

  • A little detail can go a long way – people do tend to notice even the smallest personalized details when it comes to events. It shows commitment, passion and class, so if you can afford it, do not write off those customized napkins just yet.

Choose the Venue

Now you know what kind of tone you want the event to take, it is time to choose a venue. This may end up influencing the tone of your party too, especially if you ditch the physical world for an online event.

It is worth mentioning that virtual events have come a long way in recent years – they no longer have to be confined to the standard video conference set up, especially when you consider the possibility of using avatar-based event platforms

If you are going for a real-world venue, be sure to check out their accessibility options, their COVID safety policy and of course, the price.

The ideal venue should reflect what your brand is all about. For example, say you were an ecommerce company that sold maritime equipment, why not try and rent out a marina or a boat to hold your event?

If you are a small local business that specializes in selling local produce online, why not invite other local companies to join your event and help you host? This might be a perfect way to form business partnerships while cutting down on costs and doubling your resources.

  • It is worth noting that depending on what you want to achieve with your event, your venue might need to be slightly more accessible and local, particularly if you want to engage with as much of your audience as possible.

Get the Right People on Board

If you are not a natural event planner yourself, or even if you are, hiring a professional to help you take care of everything could be one of the best ways to go.

This can be expensive, however, and there is nothing to stop you doing it by yourself or with your employees, but whatever you end up deciding to do, just make sure that you surround yourself with the right people.

This means enlisting the help of those who are committed to making the event work, who are interested in your company’s success and who know how to make their event goals materialize.

  • Events can be immensely stressful to plan – anyone that has ever thrown a house party will likely be aware of the stress and anxiety that comes with it, except this time, there is much more on the line. Making sure you have the right team with you can help you get rid of some of this stress and stay on your top game, avoiding burnout and driving your event toward success.

Stick to the Budget

If you break the budget and go way overboard, there is no guarantee that your efforts in event marketing will pay off quickly enough for it to be worth it.

Sticking to the budget and only spending what you know you can afford is a good way to keep your goals in sight and not become too hung up on other elements of the event.

For example, say you wanted to create a chilled-out atmosphere and create a space for your customers and clients to ask you and your employees questions – you do not need to hire a DJ to help you with this, just make a playlist beforehand, plug your device into the PA and save yourself one thousand dollars!

Market Your Event

If no one turns up at your event, you have probably wasted a fair amount of money. In this regard, marketing your event is one of the most essential parts of the whole process.

For people to show up, they need to have heard about your event to begin with, and they will struggle to hear about it if you put very little time into the marketing aspect.

This can be exceptionally tricky, as the marketing needs to reflect the tone of the event. It should perfectly capture what your event is all about, from its aesthetic to its tone.

It should sufficiently outline the goals and the purpose of its existence too – is it a networking event? Is it a product launch party? What can the attendees expect to get out of attending? Will there be a bounce house? Food and drink?

People like to know what they are signing up for, otherwise they might have a hard time committing.

Conversely, if you did want to create an enigmatic sense of mystery and wonder, this might work too, as long as it reflects your brand.

Here are some fundamentals to keep your eye out for when you market your event:

  • Use Social Media – An event that makes the rounds on social media and gains traction can snowball into a highly desirable occasion in no time at all, so use your social media accounts to the best of your ability.
  • Create Content – Content that shows off your event, or indirectly promotes it in some way can be a great leveraging tool. You can also use this content in conjunction with your social media campaign or use it to start a conversation online.
  • Dedicate an Area of Your Website to the Event – If people can easily access your event via your website, you may be able to grow interest a little faster. It might even be a good idea to purchase a temporary domain and set up a site specifically for your event.
  • Word of Mouth – News of a good event spreads like wildfire, so don’t underestimate the value of word-of-mouth marketing.

Ultimately, the success of your event will depend at least somewhat on your ability to market it properly, but if you can stick to the plan, and you have some unique ideas, then your prospective customers should come rolling in.

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