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How To Track Location History Of Mobile Number

Tracking a person's mobile location history isn't necessarily driven by ill intentions. It could be to keep abreast of a family member's whereabouts or ensure the safety of a loved one.

Whatever the reason, it's helpful if you know how to track location history of mobile number iPhone or Android devices, you can also find out how to see wife's phone calls and texts.

This guide will cover three proven ways you can do this. One of them will even include paid apps like mSpy and Scannero.io. So, let's stop wasting any more time and get right to it.

Key Takeaways

  • Tracking a mobile number's location history can serve various legitimate purposes, such as ensuring a family member's safety or tracking a child's whereabouts.
  • There are effective methods for tracking mobile location history, including paid apps like mSpy and Scannero.io, which offer comprehensive tracking features.
  • Free alternatives include using Google Maps Timeline or mobile carrier services, although the latter requires authorization due to privacy concerns.
  • For iPhone users, location history can be viewed through Settings > Privacy > Location Services > System Services > Significant Locations.
  • It's important to evaluate and choose the best tracking method that suits your needs, considering factors like ease of use, privacy, and specific features required.

Why Do You Need to Track Someone's Mobile Location History?

As briefly mentioned in the intro, there might be different reasons to track someone's mobile location history. Perhaps you've been trying to reach them for a while, yet they're still waiting to answer. Alternatively, you may have plans to meet with them, but they're nowhere to be found.

In such cases, you should always give them time to respond. But if too much time has passed and you still haven't heard from them, consider tracking their cell phone location history.

Parents need to know where their children are at any given point to keep them safe. Tracking mobile location history allows parents to learn about their children's whereabouts throughout the day.

3 Effective Ways of Tracking Cell Phone Location History

Now that we've established the importance of tracking a phone's location, it's time to discuss some ways to do it. A quick Google search will reveal various methods online.

However, there's a good chance they won't be best suited for you. You might even come across a method that needs to be simplified for the average person to comprehend. We've reviewed the three most popular and effective tracking methods for phone location history to avoid such complications.

Paid Mobile Tracking Apps

The most obvious answer to the question “How can I get the location history of my mobile number?” is to use a tracking app. These paid solutions can tell you the phone's location in real-time and have other safety features, making them the perfect choice for concerned users.

While there are several options when it comes to mobile tracking apps, here are two of the most trustworthy ones:

  1. mSpy

mSpy offers features like geofencing, social media tracking, call logs, and text message monitoring.

  1. Scannero.io

Scannero.io provides rapid and remote installation, meeting the needs of the majority of users.

Let's look at some free alternatives as well.

Using the Google Maps Timeline

If you're seeking a free option, you can use one of the best mobile number trackers with Google Maps. It's free and displays the phone's location on a map. How exactly does it function?

You can only use this method to track a phone number if you can access the Google account signed in on the phone. Furthermore, you can use the credentials to sign in on another device. For tracking cell phone location history, you need to look for it in the Google Maps Timeline.

Now, you can look closer at where the phone has been at specific times of the day.

Mobile Carrier Services

However, we have other alternatives to paid apps. Mobile carriers also provide a free solution for tracking a mobile number's location history. But there's a catch.

To protect users' privacy and sensitive information, only the number owner can request the location history of their phone number. If you're trying to get the location history of someone you know, you need a valid reason and a relationship with the person to request the location history.

Where Can I View Location History on iPhone?

Since Android is an open-source operating system that works with most programs, you can use any of the three methods discussed above to find a mobile phone's location history. You can use a paid app or free alternatives.

Then, the question comes: “How do you track the location history of the mobile number iPhone?”

iOS users can easily do this from the phone's Settings. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Scroll down to find System Services. Tap on Significant Locations to learn more about the mobile phone's location.

You can get a detailed overview of the phone's location on the map. As this is sensitive information, you'll need to use Face ID or Touch ID to access it. On older iPhones, you'll need to use your Passcode to gain access to the information.

Choose Your Best Fit

Of course, there are multiple ways to track cell phone location history, each with benefits and disadvantages. We've discussed popular options, both free and paid, such as mSpy and Google Maps. So, before relying on any method, check online reviews and guides on how it works to see if it offers what you need. Additionally, consider exploring advanced techniques or specialized software designed specifically for tracking cell phone location history.

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