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How to Turn Your Black Friday Visitors Into Lifelong Subscribers

A smartphone illustration showing a woman with a shopping cart, highlighting the strategy to convert Black Friday visitors into lifelong subscribers.

Black Friday, Cyber Monday is the biggest sale season for online merchants worldwide. Just last year, Shopify reported that 10,978 orders were placed per minute. And this isn’t considering the billions of visitors who were just browsing deals online! Unfortunately, these Black Friday visitors are lost customers, unless you have smart acquisition tactics in place to bring them back to your store later.

Acquiring visitors as subscribers during BFCM is a crucial part of any store’s growth, although overlooked. But picking the right acquisition channel is equally important. If your go-to channel is email or SMS, you may find that your visitors are hesitant to leave their personal details like email or phone number especially since they have only been on your store for a few minutes. Instead, you should set up a channel that requires no personal details for subscription— web push notifications.

Top 5 Ways to Acquire Black Friday Visitors as Subscribers

With web push notifications, your store visitors will be shown a prompt, asking for permission to send notifications. This prompt is shown after they land on your store, with a time delay based on your preference. 

You can try different tactics to increase opt-in rates among your visitors. Since your visitor count increases during your BFCM sale, use these different tactics to incentivize opting in and turn these one-time visitors into subscribers. Let’s dive into the different ways you can do that: 

1. Customize copy for your overlay

You have the option of showing an overlay along with the browser prompt. Since the prompt is not customizable, you can show a message with an overlay to nudge subscription. Use the overlay message to let visitors know what they will get if they subscribe and customize the message to be Black Friday related. Let them know they can unlock an extra discount or receive reminders before the sale ends.

Here’s an example of an overlay message crafted for BFCM:

2. Allow subscription for Price Drop Alerts before the sale

Enable price drop alerts on the days leading up to the sale. Since shoppers online are already hunting for deals, you can use this as an opportunity to grab shopper subscription. Price Drop Alerts allow you to attract shoppers who are interested in your products but not willing to buy the product at full price. Shoppers can subscribe to be notified when the price of the product drops.

You can grab a subscription from deal-hunters long before the sale starts and bring them back when your sale is live. Your flyout widget copy for the price drop should let these eager shoppers know that the price will be slashed for the product within a few days. If possible, mention the discount amount to set expectations. 

When the price drops during BFCM, the shopper will receive a notification alerting them about the discounted price, successfully bringing them back to the store.

3. Allow subscription for in-stock updates during the sale

Running out of a product’s stock during the biggest sale of the year is inevitable. But, that doesn’t mean you have to lose an interested shopper over it! Set up Back in Stock Alerts to let shoppers subscribe to be notified when the product is back in stock. Craft the copy within the flyout widget like this:

This way, you get a potential customer onto your subscriber list and even have the chance to bring them back to purchase once the product is back in stock.

4. Incentivize opt-in via email

You may be wondering, if you already have the shopper subscribed via email, why would you need them to be a web push subscriber? Your email subscribers tend to miss your email because of their overflowing inbox or because it ends up in spam. By getting them to opt in to your web push notifications, your promotions will have higher visibility and click-throughs with no spam filters to get through. 

Use the parameter /?poTaskType=subscribe with your store link to take your email subscribers to your store to immediately show them the browser prompt and your overlay message. Here’s how the link looks:


5. Customize copy within the flyout widget

If your shoppers dismissed the browser prompt, there’s always one sneaky way to get them interested in subscribing again— the flyout widget. This is a small banner that appears at the lower-left corner of your store.  You can set up the flyout widget with a compelling message that gives visitors a reason to subscribe. 

Before the sale is live, you can use the copy to let them know about your exciting discounts that will be available in a few days. You can even offer your Black Friday discounts early to them if they subscribe. If you’re doing this, don’t forget to set up the automated welcome notification copy with the discount you promised.

Change the copy once the sale is live and tell BFCM visitors about the exclusive deals that will be revealed only through your push promotions.

Top 2 Ways to Engage Subscribers During BFCM

Your job doesn’t stop at acquiring these visitors as subscribers. You also need to engage them in a timely manner. While you can send them relevant promotions about your products and their benefits later on, here are 2 immediate engagement tips to create a good first impression:

1. Set up welcome notifications

Your welcome notification is the first taste of your future promotions for your shoppers. This means that you need to send a notification that has an impact on your shoppers (and even brings them back to your store!). Set up automated welcome notifications, providing shoppers a warm welcome. 

The copy within your welcome notification can be written in many different ways. Make your web push subscriber list sound exclusive by welcoming shoppers to your “club”. If you promised an extra discount, you can use this notification to reveal the discount code or offer they can redeem. 

As it’s BFCM, you can even use the welcome notification as a way to inform new subscribers about the running discounts to create hype.

2. Optimize abandoned cart reminders

Many visitors leave items in their cart during Black Friday and end up never returning. Since you are already converting them into subscribers, go a step further and set up reminders to recover abandoned carts. Setting up Abandoned Cart Reminders is easy and the default messages let you start recovering carts without any effort on your part.

If you already have abandoned cart reminders set up, your next task is to optimize your copy to make it Black Friday related. Use urgency to craft copy that lets shoppers know that the item will never be at such a low price.

Bonus: If you’re a small store that’s just starting out, you might be eligible for our Early Stage Plan, with perks to help you accelerate your growth! Check out our criteria to see if you fit.

We hope these acquisition tactics help you turn your Black Friday visitors into subscribers for future conversion opportunities. Good luck with Black Friday planning!

This article was originally published by our friends at PushOwl.

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Nosto Reports +57% Increase In The Number Of Enterprise Shopify Merchants Using Its Platform For Search, Merchandising, And Personalization Over The Last 12 Months

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