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How To Use An Ecommerce Quiz To Boost Sales and Engagement Rates


Capturing the attention of your target customers can take time online.

Although customers arrive on your site to search through your products, you can interact with them in other ways besides having an awesome product catalog.

Quizzes are a great tool to engage with every customer. Why? Instead of a customer looking at an endless amount of static content, quizzes allow them to engage with interactive content where they can make choices that alter their results and personalize their experiences.

Ecommerce quizzes are extremely powerful for increasing customer engagement, but that’s not all they’re suitable for. Since quizzes are a gamification technique, online quizzes will help your business increase marketing opt-ins and revenue. Zenni Opticals’ quiz generated $1 million in revenue and 29.5k lead conversions.

In this article, we’ll discuss what e-commerce brands can do with a quiz maker and show examples of some of our favorite online quizzes from leading Shopify and Shopify Plus brands.

There are many different ways quizzes provide value for your business. From focusing on your brand messaging to creating highly targeted ads, the information you collect through a quiz will power the rest of your marketing campaigns. This will give you excellent results, such as how BeautyBio increased its AOV by 28% using collected customer data from its quiz.

Before we share examples of our favorite quizzes, here are a few ways quizzes can provide value for your business.

1. Collect buyer profile data to personalize your customer’s experiences

Every quiz question tells you something about your customer. Whether you’re asking a customer for their age or favorite scent, you’re learning information that can be used whenever you engage with that customer in the future.

For example, if you learn that you have a large group of customers who have oily skin, you can create content that educates those customers about treating oily skin and the products you must help. Start by creating blog posts related to oily skin and upsell your products in the post. You can create an email flow, taking those customers through a series of nurturing emails with messaging related to oily skin issues, treatments, products, and more.

59% of customers say that personalization influences their shopping decisions. This is why ensuring you’re personalizing your interactions with every customer based on the information you collect in a quiz is essential for increasing engagement and sales.

2. Grow your marketing lists at a quicker rate

Did you know that a quiz is a powerful tool for collecting opt-ins? 75% of marketers agree that non-gated interactive content generates more lead nurturing. Many ecommerce brands have discovered how interactive content can collect more email, SMS, and Facebook Messenger opt-ins by offering an incentive or asking customers to opt-in to receive their results.

For example, Bariatric Fusion, a vitamin supplement brand, increased their email opt-ins by 16X after including an opt-in section in their quiz, offering a 10% discount. Offering an incentive is the best strategy to increase customers' likelihood of email sharing. Then, you can target those customers later to upsell relevant products.

3. Improve your retargeting

When using a quiz, you’re receiving more than just an email to engage with customers in the future. Even without customers sharing their email or phone number, you can use a Facebook Pixel to retarget visitors who take your quiz with more specific and personalized ads.

To explain, your quiz collects data on users with every question. Using a Facebook Pixel, you can set up a retargeting campaign on Facebook or Instagram where those quiz users see paid ads based on their quiz answers and known interests. So, your store can continuously engage with every quiz user, whether it’s through ads, email, Facebook Messenger, or SMS campaigns.

4. Prospect more profitable audiences

With a quiz, you can segment customers into buyer profiles based on your collected data. For example, if a large group of customers says their favorite flavor is peach, you can put every customer that says peach is their favorite into a buyer profile. You can create lookalike audiences in Facebook Ads Manager based on your collected data by creating data-driven buyer profiles. If you find specific buyer profiles have a higher conversion rate or average order value, prospecting similar audiences can mean a better return on your advertising investment.

Unlike any other tool, quizzes allow ecommerce marketers to collect accurate customer data, improve their marketing campaigns with targeted and personalized messaging, and drive better results for the business. Now that you’ve learned to use a quiz maker, let’s take a few live quizzes.

Are you interested in building an online quiz for your Shopify or Shopify Plus store? You can request access to our quiz here:

Get a Quiz

Every quiz serves a different purpose for a brand. Whether your goal is to increase marketing opt-ins, drive more sales, or discover and build buyer profiles, businesses use quizzes in various ways to reach those goals. Examples of e-commerce quizzes include product recommendation quizzes, size finders, gift finders, and character matching. Let’s look at a few product recommendation quizzes below!

BeautyBio’s Virtual Consultation Quiz

BeautyBio uses a virtual consultation to help customers discover their perfect skincare routine. Based on the quiz answers, they segment customers into buyer profiles. Their buyer profiles include the following lists:

  • Customers whose primary concern is breakouts.
  • Customers looking to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Customers who have sensitive skin.
  • Customers with an uneven skin tone.
  • Customers with enlarged pores.

With these profiles, customers are matched to a product or set of products to assist with their primary skin care needs. BeautyBio can use these profiles to follow up with each segment using targeted messaging related to their skin concerns.

Using their quiz, BeautyBio increased their AOV by 28%!

Spongelle’s Product Recommendation Quiz

We said it before, but quizzes are an excellent tool for collecting more email, SMS, and Facebook Messenger opt-ins. Spongelle’s quiz is an example of a quiz that aims to drive more opt-ins.

Spongelle starts by asking if the quiz user is a new or returning customer. Then, they ask questions about a customer’s favorite scent and if they prefer baths or showers. Before giving a customer their quiz answer, they include an opt-in page where customers can receive 15% off their first order by signing up for Spongelle’s email campaigns. An opt-in page during the quiz with an offer or discount increases the chances of a customer signing up.

Rooted: Find Your Plant Quiz

Rooted’s quiz is visually stunning. Not only are all the graphics completely on-brand, but none of the graphics are static: they’re interactive videos. This makes the quiz extremely engaging for every user.

At the beginning of the quiz, Rooted asks the user to type in their name and share their email. They promise not to send promotional emails either—only the best recommendations. They also ask customers about their skill level with growing plants, their travel time, and whether they have pets or children.

These questions are meant to narrow down the perfect plant for a customer based on their lifestyle. Still, they also provide Rooted with personal information that can be used when engaging with those customers in the future.

Skinny Mixes’ Recipe Finder Quiz

Skinny Mixes is an excellent example if you’re looking to collect multiple opt-ins through your quiz. Skinny Mixes uses a quiz to match customers with their perfect recipe. They ask customers what they’re in the mood for and their favorite flavors to match them with coffee, smoothies, cocktails, and even some food recipes.

Before the end of their quiz, Skinny Mixes offers a complimentary bottle of their syrup to customers who opt in. Customers can opt into SMS, Facebook Messenger, or email to receive their free bottle.

This type of opt-in page helps increase Skinny Mixes’ marketing subscribers on more than one channel and gives customers the opportunity to opt-in to the channel that is most comfortable for them. On the results page, Skinny Mixes share relevant recipes and upsell its syrups.

Bailey’s CBD: Pet Quiz

A quiz is also a great way to educate your customers about topics related to your brand. For example, Bailey’s CBD has a pet quiz that educates while recommending products simultaneously.

During the quiz, customers are asked about what type of pet they have, how old their pet is, and if it suffers from anxiety, depression, chronic pain, or other issues, and then Bailey’s CBD recommends products to help that pet cope. During the quiz, Bailey's CBD asks if customers have knowledge of CBD products for pets and how much they know about them.

Based on these answers, Bailey’s CBD shares value-added content on the quiz results page, where customers can learn more about CBD for their pets and other educational blog posts. This is an intelligent strategy, considering 73% of marketers say combining traditional content marketing tactics with interactive content enhances the retention of their organization’s message. It also helps customers learn more about Bailey’s CBD and how it can help their animals to drive more sales.

Now that you’ve learned about using quizzes to drive sales and looked at a few live examples, have you discovered a way an online quiz maker can help you? Luckily, we know someone who can.

Octane AI launched its e-commerce quiz product on time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! All the quizzes we’ve shown you are examples of brands using Octane AI to power their quizzes. If you want to design beautiful quizzes like we’ve shown in this article and see fantastic revenue and opt-in results, you can chat with our team anytime to learn more!

Chat With Our Team


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This article originally appeared in the OctaneAI blog and has been published here with permission.

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