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How To Use Ecommerce Promo Tiles Effectively


Promo or promotional tiles are visual boxes used on an eCommerce site to prompt attention to particular products or features in your store. When used effectively, these can improve the customer experience, boost sales, and create heightened engagement with your brand. Let’s take a look at how to use eCommerce promo tiles effectively.

Why Do Promo Tiles Work?

Promo tiles work because they are a great way of attracting shoppers’ attention. They can highlight products, promotions, or special deals in an enjoyable and engaging way for customers. By using high-quality images or bright colors to attract attention, information that might be lost in standard text is highlighted.

Because they are visually appealing, they entice customers to buy and improves the customer's overall experience.

Best Practices For Ecommerce Promo Tiles

Keep It Simple

Since promo tiles are short and sweet, it’s important not to over-complicate them. Adding too much text makes them challenging to read, undermining their appeal. The language should be clear and concise, straight to the point. The colors should be bold and bright but not overwhelming and ‘too much.’ The images should be eye-catching and high-quality. All of these together will create tiles that attract attention and invite engagement.

Feature Promotions

Promo tiles are there to draw attention to promotions that are currently running (the clue is in the name). So use these for this purpose. Demonstrate current sales, discounts, and special offers being presented at the time. Ensure that your shoppers know what they could be benefiting from now. This helps the customers and you.

Provide Information

Promo tiles can be used to present information to shoppers. If a deal is being offered, the shopper needs to know the details. These can be information such as:

  • Delivery zones
  • Opening hours
  • Changes to store
  • Featured products

Stay Interactive

Adding links to your promo tiles is an excellent way of creating a cohesive customer journey. If they see something they like in a promo tile, it’s ideal that they can click on this to be led to the relevant product or collection page. These links mean that the desired outcome of the tiles is achieved- more purchases are made.

Mobile Optimization

We all know the importance of omnichannel optimization by now. More and more users are shopping on their mobile devices, which must be considered in any merchandising strategy. Different sizes and formats of photos or tiles should be considered for smaller mobile screens.

Keep It Relevant

Having outdated or irrelevant promo tiles in your store gives a wrong impression. The tiles should be updated regularly and kept an eye on. They should correspond to seasonal promotions, summer sales, holiday discounts, etc. Ensuring they are always on trend means that customers know you are present and can trust that you are on the same page.

Call Them To Action

A great idea is to include a call to action (CTA) in your promo tiles so shoppers know what they should do next if they like what they see. If they want to benefit from the information in the promo tiles, they should click in a particular place or go to a specific part of the website.

Knowing where to insert promo tiles is as important as what they look. They can be placed on any website page, but this should be thought out strategically. Promo tiles should be considered as part of your overall merchandising strategy.

For example, placing promo tiles on the homepage would mean the content would be broad and relevant to your whole site, such as a site-wide holiday sale.

If you placed a promo tile on a specific collections page, this could be an offer straightforward to this collection. The same goes for a particular product.


Promo tiles are a great way of drawing attention to the right place and time, depending on your eCommerce merchandising strategy. Considering these when deciding how to merchandise your collections and product pages is critical. The result will be boosted customer engagement, increased conversions, and brand loyalty.

Special thanks to our friends at FastSimon for their insights on this topic.
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