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How To Use Email Retargeting In Your Marketing Strategy

A woman's face contemplating email retargeting in her marketing strategy.

Many people visit websites every day. They do that for different reasons, including active shopping online. However, 98 out of 100 customers leave the website without making a purchase, even if they look at items and consider buying them.


Customers face various barriers when it comes to making a purchase from your site, as shown above. Key ones include abandoned carts, feeling unready, and taking more than one day to complete a sale.

Email retargeting plays a key part in getting customers to come back because it reminds them about your website. By utilizing email retargeting, you can increase the number of returns you get from visitors and increase your sales.

What is Email Retargeting?

Email retargeting empowers you to adjust your promotional messages based on your customers’ interactions with your emails. This involves using browser cookies, which allow you to track information about your customers and see which emails they opened.

As you collect more information about your customers, you can adjust your emails to their needs to get them the information that they want. This benefits your company since you can craft emails based on their desires to increase the odds of them opening your emails.

As you continue to learn more about your customers, you can send them specific emails. This involves you using targeted email marketing to figure out which emails you should send to customers. As you segment customers to give them emails that apply to them, your customers will want to open those emails.

Email retargeting can provide various benefits to your ecommerce store:

  1. Increasing the odds of visitors returning to your site.
  2. Reminding customers about your site so that they will make a purchase.
  3. Continuing to advertise to them in a non-aggressive way.

Retargeting emails allow you to craft your messages in a way that’s based on the needs of your customers. As you remind them about abandoned carts or tell them about a sale coming up for items that they like, you can increase your profits while helping your customers.

How Does Email Retargeting Work?

While people may know about browser cookies and businesses receiving emails, they may not know how the process works. In short, your business can use email automation to send emails to your subscribers based on their interactions with your business.


Source: business2community.com

In the image above, you can see that each email has a purpose. With the first email, your business informs customers about an upcoming seminar that they can sign up for. This gives them a call-to-action (CTA) that invites them to interact with your business. From here, your email automation sends out weekly emails or as major events occur.

Email retargeting works when it invites customers to interact with your business without pushing them too much. People become annoyed when they receive too many emails from a business, so people mark those emails as spam. By sending a weekly email, you can remind them about your business without annoying them.

Email retargeting works because it does four things:

  • It reminds the customer about your business.
  • It uses a CTA, encouraging them to do something.
  • It sends emails often enough to remind them about your business without annoying them.
  • Information in the message is relevant.

Email retargeting works because it lets you find that right balance. As you use it, you can adjust the frequency of emails based on customers’ interactions and how often they open your emails.

Crafting an Email Retargeting Strategy

You need to spend some time creating an email retargeting strategy. Consider some of these questions as you decide on techniques and strategies.

  1. Where in the purchase process do we lose customers?
  2. How often should I have automated emails sent?
  3. What email retargeting subject lines will encourage more clicks?

You can craft your strategy around the answers to these questions.

As you find out where you lose customers, you can set up automated emails to send invites or reminders. Do customers forget about their shopping carts? Send emails to them. Aim to minimize your loss of sales by reminding your customers based around the point in the process that they left your website.


Most ecommerce businesses feel that sending an email once a week works best for customers. However, some of your customers may want more or less emails. Base this around their interactions with your business and be willing to make adjustments based on their needs.

Your emails need to have effective subject lines. A subject line gives customers an idea of the email’s content, which helps them to decide if they want to open it. Use urgency, curiosity, and offers to convince them to open your emails.

Continue to mold your strategy into one that attracts customers. Adjust it according to your specific customers and make sure that your emails change based on customers’ behavior.

Email Retargeting Best Practices

To maximize your profits, you need to use email retargeting’s best practices. People apply these practices because they work and they help businesses to succeed with their email campaigns. Keep these email marketing tips in mind so that you can apply them to your email retargeting strategy.



Email retargeting belongs to an email marketing strategy, but it may also be a part of a more versatile omnichannel marketing strategy. This means that you should apply these five focus areas to improve your overall messaging.

Make sure that your messages don’t feel like copy and pasted versions of each other. Add different phrases and wording to keep them interesting. You can do this as you continue to optimize your email automation to send specific emails to specific people.

Make sure that the design makes it easy for customers to read through since many of them will skim through your emails. As you find the right times to send emails, you can also optimize your email list to get the most money possible.

It all comes down to results. Many people apply these strategies to their emails because they know that it will bring more money to a company. Apply these different principles to maximize profits for your business as you continue to maintain effective email deliverability for your email retargeting campaign.

Keep in mind that some of these may vary from standard email retargeting campaigns. This depends on your customers and how they react to your campaign. Continue to adjust it until they are happy with the emails and continue to retarget emails that will keep them coming to your website.

Final Points

Email retargeting provides revenue and benefits to companies because it works. As your business works around email retargeting to remind customers about missing carts or lack of interaction, you can convince them to return to your website.

It comes down to improving and optimizing your email retargeting strategy. Continue to make adjustments to it until it works effectively and increases your revenue. As you change it to work for your customers, you will see your online business improve and gain more consistent sales.

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This article was originally published by our friends at Omnisend.

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