How to Use On-Site Personalization to Treat Every Shopper like a VIP

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Why On-Site Personalization & Why Now

On-site personalization is a critical part of delivering relevance throughout the buyer’s journey. In fact, personalized homepage promotions influence 85% of consumers to buy, and 74% of consumers feel frustrated when website content is not personalized. When executed well, on-site personalization allows ecommerce brands to create curated experiences for their shoppers, driving more conversions and ultimately sales. 

And, that’s not all. 

McKinsey reported that the ecommerce industry has seen 10 years’ growth in 3 months while Shopify reported Q2 earnings with 97% growth year over year. With this year’s increased shift to online shopping over traditional brick and mortar, it’s essential for brands to have a personalized ecommerce presence. 

By utilizing on-site personalization brands are able to treat every visitor like they have their own personal shopper. Without the in-person shopping experience where it is easy to explain key product benefits and suggest products shoppers might like, it’s critical for brands to optimize and curate personalized on-site experiences. Curating a personal, VIP experience for shoppers encourages them to discover new products they might not have found otherwise and increases time spent on the site. 

On-Site Personalization & Product Recommendations

An effective way to deliver on-site personalization is through product recommendations. Product recommendations encourage shoppers to explore and find new and exciting products. Shoppers who see Zaius’ highly-personalized product recommendations are twice as likely to purchase compared to those who don’t. 

With Zaius, product recommendations are built on a deep understanding of each customer’s behavior compared to other similar customers. Zaius also analyzes key behavioral data to understand and display products with the highest predicted response. 

Creating On-Site Personalization Magic

Magic Beans, a baby gear and furniture retailer, is a great example of a brand executing smart on-site personalization driven by data-infused insights. They use relevant product recommendations in multiple places throughout their site, creating a personalized shopping experience for their visitors. 

We analyzed how Magic Beans is using on-site personalization to help your brand start thinking of new ways you can create a more tailored shopper experience. 

Let’s dive in.

Homepage: Magic Beans customizes their homepage with product recommendations based on the shopper’s browsing history. This allows for curated products that capture the shopper’s attention right from the start. It also encourages shoppers to view items they may not originally have come to the site for. 

Product Page: On each individual product page Magic Beans recommends products based on the product you’re looking at. This is helpful in providing shoppers with alternatives they may not have considered, but ultimately may end up working better for their needs.

Checkout: The checkout is another great way to display relevant product recommendations. Based on browsing history, Magic Beans suggests products you may also love. Capturing the attention of their shoppers while they are checking out is a great way to drive up the order value and show customers they’re here to help.

Exit Intent: Here’s one we think is extra creative. Magic Beans utilizes a modal to capture email addresses and offer 10%, but it gets better. After submitting your email address, Magic Beans includes product recommendations you might find useful to start you on your shopping journey.

Want to learn more about how Zaius can help your brand deliver relevance throughout the buyer’s journey with on-site personalization? You can start a free trial here.

This article originally appeared in the Zaius blog and has been published here with permission.

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