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How To Use SMS Marketing To Improve Your Customer Loyalty Program


As mobile commerce continues to rise in popularity, SMS marketing has become the ideal solution for eCommerce brands looking to reach mobile-first consumers — and it’s also the best way to foster relationships with your most loyal ones. With the channel’s unmatched speed and convenience, you can not only increase adoption of your customer loyalty program from the start, but also routinely engage members with the most timely, exciting, and exclusive updates that drive program participation. In fact, 70% of consumers say they prefer to use their phones to engage with loyalty programs, while choosing mobile over other marketing channels to access points, rewards, and more when shopping both online and in store.

Customer loyalty isn’t won overnight, though — it takes time and repeated positive interactions for brands to earn it and stand out from the competition. By integrating SMS with your customer loyalty program, you can go beyond “positive” and deliver exceptional exp …

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