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How to Use Your Data for Winning Marketing Campaigns


We have just wrapped up the largest weekend for ecommerce sales in history.  Driven by consumers doing more and more shopping online and accelerated by the ongoing pandemic, many brands saw a month’s worth of data in a single day.  Now the question is, how do you use this data from customer acquisition to browsing, purchase, loyalty, review, and customer service to win the rest of this holiday season and into the next year?

Not all CDPs are created equally, but all CDPs start with the collection of your customer data.  At Zaius, we believe that data collection starts with the first engagement a customer has with your brand, even if that customer is anonymous on the first touch.  Collecting even the anonymous data means that you can understand the FULL journey a customer takes and, most importantly you, the marketer, can understand the effectiveness of ALL your marketing dollars.

But how do you know how effective your marketing efforts are?  How do you take advantage of these learnings?  Some CDPs will ingest all your data but still leave it up to you to analyze and derive insights from the data. Other CDPs will try to assist you with basic insights or recommendations based off of data analyzed from their other clients.  This means that if your brand is a health and beauty brand, your recommendations might be based on a different brand that sells sporting goods.  This does not lead to a winning combination!

Activated CDPs, like Zaius, that put activation of data at the core, will automatically assist you with building segmentation and recommend customers to reach out for churn prevention or when they need a nudge to purchase.  We do this by building bespoke models based ONLY on your data.  We also do this with more than just the data from your website. We include past purchase data, your product catalog, and other data you integrate with Zaius, from loyalty data to customer service data.  Your business is unique from your competitors or other ecommerce categories; therefore, your recommendations and insights should be too.  This is the foundation that all winning marketing campaigns are built on.

What separates an Activated CDP from all others is the most crucial step to enabling your customer data across any channel.  Taking the recommendations and segmentation, either automated or bespoke segments you create, and allowing you to craft the content directly in the CDP means that you can trust and verify the content and customer data before it gets sent.

Customer data, no matter how much you have or all the systems it lives in, should not hinder your ability to create winning marketing campaigns. In fact, it is quite the contrary: When you use an Activated CDP to centralize your customer data, your CDP can assist you to create winning marketing campaigns, regardless of channel.

Special thanks to our friends at Zaius for their insights on this topic.

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