How Video Can Revitalise Customer Engagement For Shopify Stores

With the advent of digital media and the internet, customer engagement has become a key component in any company’s marketing strategy. However, with all of this progress comes a lot of criticism – namely that engaging consumers is becoming increasingly difficult.

Traditional advertising is not as effective as it used to be, and, increasingly, companies have spent money on content marketing – creating videos to share their stories with consumers to build connections.

Gone are the days when people would read lengthy articles to find out news about an issue. They want their information in quick bites and delivered to them on demand. This requires an effective way for companies and organizations to engage customers in this type of environment. Video offers that opportunity, but it’s not just about presenting flashy graphics or attracting more attention. If a video is poorly produced, short and confusing, or if it’s indistinguishable from other videos on the internet, you’ll lose customers quickly, as they get frustrated with your lack of value while they scroll through endless content. To succeed today with video marketing takes knowledge of what makes content engaging to viewers so that you can design clear-cut videos without losing their effectiveness.

How Video Can Revitalise Customer Engagement

  1. Engagement Through Video Marketing Allows You To Speak Directly To Your Target Audience

Regardless of your business’s industry, there are only two groups of people you want to speak to, your customers and your potential customers. By using video marketing as a tool for customer engagement, you’re traveling directly to these two groups without wasting your time on anyone else.

  1. Video Marketing Builds Trust Between You And Your Customers

Video marketing is an excellent way to communicate with your customers and potential customers directly. This ability to communicate effectively is vital to developing trust and rapport with customers since they’ll be able to build loyalty by seeing you as someone who cares about their interests, needs, and wants. They’ll appreciate the opportunity to provide feedback that helps you understand how they work so you can serve them better. There are many different ways to build trust with customers, but video marketing is the clearest path to creating a trusting environment. By being a part of the conversation, you have the opportunity to learn more about your customers’ interests and needs through their responses, comments, and suggestions. They’ll feel comfortable expressing themselves while they watch them interact.

In addition to interacting with existing customers, video marketing gives you the chance to gather information from potential customers as they start to learn more about your company and its purposes.

  1. Video Engages Audiences Using Multiple Senses

Unlike reading, which primarily appeals to the customer’s visual sense, video production offers your viewers a much more rounded experience that appeals to multiple senses such as their auditory sense, their visual sense, and their sense of touch. In doing so, they’ll be able to enjoy your content in much greater detail.

  1. Video Marketing Builds Your Company’s Reputation

Your company is only as good as the reputation you’ve built for it. By producing quality video content, your company will be able to circulate information about its products and services more easily, giving you a chance to build your reputation with new potential customers. If you wish to build your brand name over time, video marketing is an excellent method of developing long-term relationships with customers and potential customers. If you cut videos well and keep only the required part, they will be watchable for years even if they’re not new each time viewers watch them, giving people the opportunity to form a lasting impression about your company by viewing repeat content.

The beauty of using video is that it doesn’t require a lot of time or effort, making it an ideal marketing tool when you need to develop new products or services but don’t have the time or money to devote to doing so. People will connect with your company more easily when they see that you’re willing to invest in producing quality content without neglecting its purpose.

  1. Video Content Is Easy To Share

Got a great video that you think people would love to watch? Share it on your website or share it on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. People will stream through the video if they find it relevant and useful, while they’ll enjoy sharing their positive experiences with others. It’s a win-win situation. The best part about video content is that it’s able to be spread around the globe in a short period.

  1. Video Marketing Is An Alternative To Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising uses messages that don’t provide as much value as they could, while video content is interactive and it allows you to amplify your message through the narrative that you’re providing your viewers. Videos are more engaging and will likely be shared through social media, resulting in more exposure for your business. Some people may not prefer watching traditional advertisements while streaming a video on their own time, but it’s fun to find out what that person is enjoying – so why not share?

  1. Video Creates A Unique Selling Proposition

A truly unique selling proposition is an idea that speaks to the very core of your company’s purpose and values, helping you distinguish yourself from your competition by appealing to your customers’ needs. By producing video content with this focus, you’ll be able to connect with customers emotionally while they learn more about your advantages over the competition.

  1. Easy To Produce In Good Quality

Videos don’t have to be super sophisticated, and they don’t have to be filled with flashy graphics. They should provide your customers with valuable information in a coherent, simple manner. Don’t over complicate your content by trying to put in everything you think you need or want in a video. Keep it simple and target, and it will be clear to your customer that you’re not trying to sell them something based on fluff. 

You can produce high-quality videos with only one or two people on your team, as long as you know what your business is trying to accomplish with the video and you’re clear about what needs to be said in the video. If you want to improve the quality of your video without adding any more people, invest in editing tool that will help you cut video and add voice-overs, etc., and on equipment such as microphones and cameras.


Video marketing is a process of democratizing the world of social media and advertising, allowing anyone with an idea to create a video to promote and market their business. It also provides you with the chance to create something more engaging and valuable for the people who watch your videos. 

Anyone can produce a video; however, not all videos are created equal. It’s important to choose the best video marketing tools and equipment as per your company’s requirements because it will directly influence how your customers view your business. This is especially important if you’re looking to establish a strong, loyal following on social media.

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