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How to Continue Impressing Customers after their First Purchase


It’s easy to believe that once a sale has been marked complete, the transaction is over and should be considered a success.


While celebrating each and every sale is great, its important to recognize that customer satisfaction after making a purchase is half the battle.




Because customers will continue to shop with a brand that has left a positive impression on them from a previous purchase. The product itself plays part of this role, as reliable products are a key way to impressing customers well after they have finished a transaction, however there are a number of other strategies that should be considered to leave a lasting, positive impact on each and every customer.


One of the greatest ways to continue building a trusting and positive business relationship with a customer after they have made their purchase is by including free tracking numbers with their purchase.


Customers always enjoy the ability to track their purchase as it makes its way from the warehouse to their front door. Tracking numbers take the guesswork out of shipping on part of the customer and can help ease any anxieties skeptical buyers may have had about the company.


According to Amit Sharma, former executive at Wal-Mart, Inc., another way brands can improve the customer experience after they have made a purchase is through “custom SMS alerts and helpful FAQs,” which can be used to answer customer questions and inform them of any shipping updates or exclusive coupons.


In addition, a company’s return policy plays a significant role in its extended relationship with buyers, as a complicated return policy is enough to frustrate even the most patient of individuals.


When brands continue to communicate with buyers after they have made a purchase, they can establish long-lasting, fruitful relationships with customers, which can and will lead to higher retention rates. High retention rates are the mark of a great company, making customer satisfaction post-purchase increasingly important in today’s eCommerce world.

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