Tips and Tricks for Improving SEO Ranking


Since its development, the internet has quickly become one of the most useful marketing tools in the world, easily beating out older methods such as billboards and newspaper ads. It’s important that companies and entrepreneurs understand how to effectively use the internet and its many search engines to better market themselves and reach a larger audience.

Reaching a larger audience involves the use of “SEO,” or “Search Engine Optimization.” While there are general tips for improving SEO, such as including keywords that are commonly searched in the article, there are many lesser known ways in which companies can improve their search engine ranking.

Ideally, all content should be original and of high quality. Articles should cover topics that readers want to see, and should cover topics that are frequently searched. Essentially, every article should have something about it that makes it stand apart from others conveying the same message. Readers should be convinced to read that article over others that are similar in subject matter or tone.

Original content should be backed by a custom URL, as this too improves a page’s search engine rankings. When keywords are placed into the URL, they will be included when Google does the search, and will be taken into account when pages are ranked.

Speaking of keywords, any business looking to show up on the first page of Google’s results should always use SEO keywords as part of their content. It’s easy to do a quick keyword search to see what people are searching for, then include those words into the article. This increases the chances of an article showing up when its subject matter is searched for, and also allows it to show up higher on the search results list.

While bringing in readers is the first big obstacle, keeping them there is another story entirely. Readers have a tendency to skim articles, so formatting is key to capturing the reader’s attention. Some useful formatting tips include:

  • Using large fonts (larger than 12pt!)
  • Having tasteful color contrast
  • Including a white background to make reading easier
  • Having a clear search bar somewhere on the page
  • Dividing content under heading and subheadings
  • Including attractive visuals and images, as well as logical navigation

When pages incorporate these features, they will be far more likely to keep readers interested, as these design tips have been known to capture the attention of readers.

It’s important not to make the mistake of creating duplicate versions of pages, as Google will not include them both in the final search as one may expect. Instead, Google takes strides to pick out out duplicate content, so a website with many, many similar posts may not show up as highly in the rankings than one with fewer, more distinctive pages.

SEO can be difficult to learn, and experts in the field have studied it for years. Luckily, there are a number of helpful tools that can be used to help with the optimization process. Some of these tools include:

Each of these offers their own host of benefits, which can be seen on each of their sites. Buzzsumo is particularly useful for those looking to reach out to influencers in their field, which is another key way to improve a site’s SEO rankings. Getting in contact with influencers can help a company expand their optimization efforts by speaking with someone more experienced, and some influencers will accept guest posts on their blogs, which can be an excellent way to reach new audiences and direct new traffic to a site.

Finally, it’s important to have a quickly-loading website, as slow site will be far less likely to show at the top of Google’s results. Google’s PageSpeed Insights are an excellent way to see just how fast a page will load, making it an excellent tool for anyone looking to improve the rankings of their website.

Overall, Search Engine Optimization can have a major impact on how a website will show in Google (and other search engines), which in turn can greatly affect traffic numbers. Investing in SEO tools is one of the best ways to reach a larger audience and expand to new markets, making it important that businesses of all sizes implement it into their marketing strategy.

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