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Increase Opt-Ins By Launching A Full Conversation From Every Facebook Comment


Do you have an engaged audience on Facebook? With our Facebook Comment Capture feature, you can respond to Facebook comments on your Facebook posts with an automated message! When someone engages with the message you send, they become a subscriber to your Facebook Messenger so you can retarget them later.

We recently added in the ability to create a full conversation from Facebook Comment Capture using Facebook quick replies and buttons. This is an incredible way to encourage opt-ins for your bot and create full conversations that are personalized or focused around content in specific Facebook posts!

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You can create messages to send to someone who comments a specific post. This is a great way to personalize messages around the content of your post, or run comment contests!

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You have the ability to customize the message sent, the replies someone can interact with, or link them to a conversation created elsewhere in your Octane AI bot.

In advanced settings, you can add keywords to determine whether the message will be or won’t be sent. This will allow you to send a message only if someone comments a keyword, or restrict the message from sending if they comment certain keywords.

Screen 2BShot 2B2019 12 17 2Bat 2B9.56.42 2BAM

You can get started with Facebook Comment Capture today!

This article was originally published by our friends at OctaneAI.

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