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What Are the Best SMS Trackers?

SMS marketing is an increasingly popular way for marketing experts to use permission-based text messaging to connect with a target audience. Customers can sign up for these messages if they find you on a search engine like Google, from social media platforms, bloggers, content marketing from an influencer campaign, visiting your website directly, or coming into a physical store. SMS is a marketing strategy that can help brands to deliver concise but relevant messaging about promotions, award-winning achievements, sales, content creation, invitations to exclusive social platform content, social media influencer partnerships, or other special events. Of course, with SMS trackers–software designed to measure the performance of these messages, marketers wouldn't be able to gauge how their brand awareness campaigns are performing. We take a look at some of the best SMS trackers in use today. Rely on these tools to analyze delivery patterns, learn about encoding details, and find out who's actually opening these texts and if they're driving your company's success.

Tatango Software

Tatango Software is a popular SMS marketing option today. This cloud-based software is used by a wide range of businesses representing multiple industries ranging from retail to hospitality. The platform allows marketers to create and distribute promotional messages via SMS and MMS channels. Aside from messaging, the software allows for subscriber management and SMS campaign planning. When it comes to tracking, the software does not stint in its reporting capabilities. Tatango provides multiple administrative controls and graphical representation tools that allow marketers to easily track and measure the performance of their messages and overall campaign. These reporting tools let marketers quickly visualize subscriber trends, which allows them to gauge the performance of their activities.


Ideal for small businesses that represent any number of industries, Heymarket is cloud-based SMS marketing software that features a robust reporting platform. Heymarket includes a text messaging app that can reach multiple contacts at once. Marketers can schedule and manage their text campaigns from one convenient tool. One of the great features of this software is that marketers can set up triggered messages that follow welcome messages, feedback campaigns, and more. Powerful tracking and reporting provides marketers with a wealth of tangible insights about their campaign's performance. For instance, it tells them which chats have been most time-consuming and what messages have exceeded or fallen short of expectations.

EZ Texting

EZ Texting is a well-known texting platform that serves about 160,000 customers in the U.S. and Canada. The cloud-based platform is an industry leader for business texting. Its services include bulk texting, reminder campaigns, text-based polls / surveys, MMS, and text-to-landline capabilities. Marketers report increased attendance at their locations or special events as well as increased sales after launching messaging campaigns with the platform. EZ Texting also delivers reports that allow marketers to track their SMS activities and measure their performance.


Avochato has a slightly different focus than many SMS marketing and tracking solutions. Aside from messaging and reporting services, it also features reputation management solutions. Many types of businesses from multiple industries are relying on Avochato for SMS and other services. Like other SMS platforms, this one also provides robust tracking tools, multiple message templates, and scheduling capabilities. The status tracking tools allows marketers to easily organize conversations based on their progress. The company offers a free trial so marketers can see if the platform is the right fit without spending a dime.


With TrueDialong, marketers who represent businesses of any size will find an easy-to-navigate cloud-based SMS texting platform loaded with related enterprise features. For instance, the platform includes: 1-to-millions mass SMS texting, SMS scheduling, SMS surveys, international capabilities, landline texting, multi-channel messaging, mobile apps with admin controls, opt-in and opt-out subscription campaign management, and a reporting dashboard that makes analyzing messaging campaigns. Marketers can use the drilled-down dash to track the performance of their messages and overall campaign to ensure they're meeting goals.

Pony Express HQ

Pony Express is a text messaging platform that's popular with a wide array of business types, non-profits, and community organizations that send / receive messages. Marketers can use any mobile device to access the platform to send promotional messages, reminders, alerts, or notifications. Real-time messaging and group SMS are primary features, but the platform also allows marketers to easily segment their audience for more targeted messaging. Pony Express HQ is particularly appealing to many small businesses and startups because it offers flexible pricing that even includes prepayment and pay-as-you go packages. A convenient dashboard allows marketers to send and track messages.

SMS Workflow

There are plenty of SMS marketing platforms available today, but not all of them boast outstanding tracking and reporting capabilities. That's not the case with SMS Workflow. This cloud-based SMS platform features a robust tracking tool as well as features such as workflow management, outbound broadcasts, scheduling, keyword management, and more. Marketers can rely on the platform for triggered campaigns, special offers, referrals, and to find tools that help pre-qualify leads. Its Intelligent Broadcast features is a unique feature that allows marketers to send messages based on subscriber conversations.

Take time to further investigate these SMS marketing platforms and their tracking capabilities or choose to work with a Facebook ad agency that can help. They each offer some standard features as well as some distinctive offerings. Find out which one is the best fit for your company or organization.

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