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Infographic: Your At-A-Glance Loyalty Campaign Calendar

Get the loyalty campaign calendar infographic.

The decorations are down, your day-to-day routine is slowly normalising and, if you’re anything like us, you’ve realised that chocolate and wine aren’t part of a balanced diet.

All this must mean that the new year is upon us.

There’s no doubt that January is a time for new beginnings. Consider it a clean slate and a chance to take new year’s resolutions seriously. And this doesn’t just need to be in your personal life. As we head into the new decade, now’s the time to start thinking about fresh ways to take your ecommerce store to new heights too.

Fostering the loyalty of your existing customers and advocates is a great place to begin. Earlier this year, we created a loyalty campaign calendar for you to download and use to plan your own seasonal, loyalty promotions. This will help you to focus on your best-loved customers and to improve your repeat purchase rates throughout the year.

If you missed it, you can download it here.
Loyaltylion Campaign Calendar
But, as you’re a busy marketer who’s likely time-poor as the New Year kicks off, we’ve condensed all the key marketing dates for 2020 into this at-a-glance infographic.

The infographic will help you:

  • Think up inspirational seasonal loyalty promotions
  • Plan your content and communications in advance
  • Save you time researching and planning ways to promote your loyalty program
  • Fuel the success of your ecommerce store all year long

Infographic 2020 Marketing Calendar

To help you succeed in 2020, on 22nd January we’re also running a one-day virtual bootcamp. You’ll hear directly from 12 industry-leaders about the up-and-coming ecommerce trends you should be focussing on in the new year.
2020 Trends Blog Cta

This article was originally published by our friends at LoyaltyLion.

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