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Instagram’s New Algorithm: A Blessing in Disguise?


In early 2016, Instagram made an announcement that they would be changing from a chronological display of post, to an algorithm similar to that of Twitter and Facebook. Essentially, users will no longer see posts show up as they are posted, but they would rather see posts Instagram feels they want to see.


There’s been a lot of misinformation spread about the change, and many have been spreading rumors that the change is harmful for both private users and businesses alike. However, the algorithm should work quite well, when it is understood properly.


While companies everywhere have been digging their followers to “turn on notifications”, this is actually a silly idea upon further investigation.


In the case of most businesses, only one or two percent of their follower base interacts with both regularly. Therefore, the company could expect only a handful of their followers to comply with their request to turn on notifications, as studies show that the large majority of Instagram followers do not interact with the post on their feed.


It’s true that some companies who do not understand how to truly redo their audience may drop some sales from the change, however it only takes a little practice to understand a new program, and use it to its fullest potential.


The idea behind surviving with a new algorithm is to not be reliant on the chronology of Instagram posts. Essentially, this means you will need to start focusing on the content itself rather than the times of day it is posted. Posting content at 2 p.m. may no longer mean you were reaching the largest audience, therefore you will need to be able to reach your audience without that luxury.


With Instagram’s current chronological state, only a certain number of posts will reach their audience prior to being buried in Instagram’s database. Essentially, a post has 12 hours after it is posted to reach its followers, before it will no longer be seen by those not specifically looking for it.


It is because of this that many marketers believe Instagram’s change will actually prove to be a benefit for many, many companies. Now companies can ensure that their content will reach their audiences by creating good, relatable content. When their content is worth sharing, it will show up in the algorithm for its followers, and will not be buried in the feeds of some die-hard fans simply because they weren’t on during a certain period of time.


In addition, actively engaging with other Instagram users will be highly beneficial when using the new algorithm. by actively engaging with other Instagram users throughout many hours of the day, you can continue to gather likes and comments on recent photos well after they are posted. These photos will continue to see engagement, and therefore will continue to show high on their audiences feeds.


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