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Instagram Social Push: Distribute Your Reviews To Reach More Potential Customers


Instagram is one of the best places to distribute your reviews and attract more sales to your store. Not only because this platform has more than 1 billion users, but also because it’s a visual-focused platform, where your review photos can shine. 62% of consumers are more likely to buy a product based on review photos, so share your reviews on Instagram today and be prepared to see more sales coming in!

You can share your reviews on Instagram in two ways:

  • Connect your Instagram business account and set conditions to share your reviews automatically
  • Handpick your reviews from the reviews dashboard and share them manually

First, make sure you have connected your Instagram business account to your Facebook Page. Then, log in to your Facebook account from the settings. During the authorization process, select the Instagram account you want to use for the social push.

To push your reviews automatically, go ahead to adjust your Instagram push template and social push settings (when, how often, and how many reviews are to be shared automatically).

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To handpick and share your reviews manually, go to the reviews dashboard. On the review that you want to share, click on the Share icon and choose to share it on Instagram.

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  • We won’t push a review automatically if you have shared it manually before.
  • If your reviews contain review photos, you have two options: (1) push a random review photo and (2) push the product image. We’ll use option (1) by default. If your reviews contain only text, we’ll push the product image.
  • In the case of text-only store reviews that are not associated with any product images, your reviews can’t be pushed to Instagram.

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