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Loyalty programs are widely used amongst e-commerce merchants to grow and maintain market share.

Loyalty programs are widely used amongst e-commerce merchants to grow and maintain market share by improving the number of repeat customers and attracting new ones. These programs come in different formats – from loyalty points to surprise gifts depending on the level of loyalty of each customer – and have proven efficient to help brands build a community of consumers based on the emotional attachment to their identity and values.

As a customer support helpdesk, Gorgias is focused on providing the best experience for both end-consumers and support agents. Consequently, giving access to the most accurate information about your customers’ loyalty status enables your support team to adapt their answers to customer requests.

Thus, it seemed only natural that we partner with, a rewards platform that has helped over 20,000 merchants reward their most loyal customers for performing profitable actions.

With Smile, you can create and manage reward programs such as loyalty points, referrals and VIP programs, to build a fruitful relationship with your customers.

Because Gorgias is appreciated for its ease of use and automation tools, we have decided to build a strong integration with Smile: not only can your support team have easy access to all the necessary data about your customers, but they can also use Smile variables in canned responses (or “macros”) and automation rules.

  • Display your customers’ Smile profiles next to tickets

  • Use Smile variables (loyalty status, points balance, VIP program, referral url) in both your macros and your rules


By integrating your Smile account to Gorgias, you’ll be able to improve yet again not only your customer support but also your customers’ engagement to your brand. Our early adopters of the integration are already thrilled by it!

We’re loving the Smile integration so far! Having access to the variables in the automation features of Gorgias (macros and rules) is a game-changer, especially now that we’re focusing on improving our loyalty program. It would be great if the integration went a little further in the future to enable editing loyalty points!

Chris Storey, Founder and CEO at Dinkydoo

If you’re already a Gorgias customer, you can connect Smile directly from your Gorgias account, in the Integrations section. If not, you can create an account here and get started in a few minutes.

Axelle Heems

Growth Manager at Gorgias

Special thanks to our friends at Gorgias for their insights on this topic.
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