Integrated Commerce Growth Stack: Best-in-Class Technologies to Power Unforgettable Retail Experiences


With the Integrated Commerce Growth Stack, brands can create, deploy and optimize unforgettable experiences across every touchpoint—orchestrating intuitive shopping journeys that increase customer lifetime value.

Like product differentiation, customer experience differentiation is becoming increasingly difficult for retailers worldwide. Direct-to-consumer brands are popping up one after another and customer experience best practices are no longer enough to impact growth. The result: Winning brands that can grow to an extent, but struggle to build the brand equity that truly protects them from market competition.

To combat this challenge, we’ve joined forces with best-in-class providers Yotpo and Klaviyo to allow retailers to leverage the technologies they need in one seamless experience.

Introducing Integrated Commerce Growth Stack

Integrated Commerce Growth Stack allows retailers to integrate their personalization, social proof and owned marketing channels to deliver unique, award winning shopping experiences.

Each best-in-class technology seamlessly integrates with the others, which allows brands to leverage the power of each in concert.

  • Send personalized email and SMS campaigns that include or exclude content based on segments with Nosto and Klaviyo.
  • Personalize which reviews and user-generated content are shown to customers based on their behavior across onsite recommendations and social media ads with Nosto and Yotpo.
  • Embed the best customer reviews, feedback, and user generated content into email and SMS campaigns with Yotpo and Klaviyo.
  • Combine all three technologies to deliver social proof backed personalized experiences across all owned channels to ensure every experience is one that shoppers love.

Not only is Integrated Commerce Growth Stack backed by the latest advanced ecommerce technologies, but it also takes into account the types of experiences that consumers expect from brands today.

To gauge these expectations, we surveyed 1.1k consumers about their experiences with 50 of the top direct-to-consumer brands. The results provide an in-depth look at the personal preferences of shoppers in regards to customer experience. Download The State of Customer Experience where you’ll discover:

  • How shoppers feel about the customer experiences being delivered by top direct-to-consumer brands
  • How top direct-to-consumer brands’ customer experiences are living up to shopper expectations
  • What brands can do to ensure they are delivering the customer experiences that keep shoppers coming back

The State of Customer Experience: An ICGS Digital Panel

To supplement our consumer research, we’ve also united the experts behind the data to help retailers carve out the ultimate action plan.

Our expert ecommerce panelists from Nosto, Yotpo, and Klaviyo have joined forces in a conversation led by Phillip Jackson from Something Digital to explore:

  • A deep-dive into what the results from the consumer survey say about the current state of customer experience
  • Expert opinions on why certain customer experience trends are meeting consumer demands
  • Actionable insights and tips into how ecommerce brands can begin optimizing their customer experience strategy to meet consumer expectations.

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This article originally appeared in the Nosto blog and has been published here with permission.

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