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Integration Spotlight: Optimove + Attentive

A phone with gears and the word 'Optimove'.

Attentive’s integration with Optimove—a relationship marketing platform providing hyper-targeted campaign orchestration, measurement, and optimization at scale—helps brands improve multichannel campaigns and drive more revenue.

Attentive is excited to announce its integration with Optimove, the science-first relationship marketing hub. Through this integration, brands can orchestrate customer experiences across channels, personalizing Attentive messages in conjunction with other 1:1 marketing channels managed via Optimove—creating personalized customer experiences across all touchpoints while ensuring cross-channel communications remain aligned and on brand. 

Additionally, brands can facilitate the real-time transfer of email data collected via Attentive to Optimove. On average, brands that use Attentive’s “Email-First” sign-up solution capture 3x more emails while also growing their SMS lists. Now they can transfer those email addresses to Optimove in real time to transform customer data into actionable insights, helping deliver exceptional customer experiences, aid retention, and increase lifetime value.

“Today’s customers expect brands to provide personalized customer experiences across all touchpoints,” said Yuval Shefler, Vice President of Partnerships at Optimove. “By combining Optimove’s multichannel orchestration engine with Attentive’s personalized text messaging platform, marketers can ensure each customer has the most positive experience while interacting with their brand, across all channels.”

Mutual customers such as men’s and women’s clothing brand Paul Stuart use Attentive and Optimove to deliver tailored messaging to target audiences in order to maximize engagement.

“Seamlessly orchestrating cross-channel communications has been key to allowing us to provide our customers with outstanding experiences and personalization,” said Aslihan Danisman, Senior Marketing Director at Paul Stuart.

The Optimove integration is now available for set-up in the integrations tab in the Attentive UI.

For more information about our integration with Optimove, read the full press release.

This article originally appeared by our friends at Attentive.

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