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10 Interesting Facts About American Eagle Silver Coins

The American Eagle silver bullion coins are made up of .999 silver. It weighs 1 troy ounce, which is equivalent to 31.103 grams. The coin has a diameter of 1.589 inches, measuring 40.60 mm across. Despite its silver value, the currency holds a face value of $1.00, establishing it as a legal tender.

This combination of purity, weight, dimensions, and face value makes the American Eagle Silver Bullion Coin the world's leading choice of investment-grade silver bullion coins.

Here are some interesting facts about this coin series-

1. Massive Demand

As of February 2024, more than 633,772,000 (Six hundred thirty-three million seven hundred seventy-two thousand) 1 troy ounce Silver Eagle Coins have been sold since 1986. Since their inception, collectors and investors eagerly wait for their yearly issues.

2. Silver Eagle Monster Box

Each Silver Eagle Monster Box ( Green Monster Box ) contains 500 qty of 1 troy-ounce Silver Eagle Coins. This monster box is not just a box; it's a powerful vault of wealth, symbolizing the monumental demand for these coins. Considering the number of Silver American Eagle bullion coins sold so far, it will take 1,267,544 (One million two hundred sixty-seven thousand five hundred forty-four) monster boxes to pack them all.

3. World's Best Investment Grade Bullion Coin

Since 1986, American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins have achieved sales exceeding 627+ million troy ounces. Silver American Eagle is America's sole official investment-grade silver bullion coin and has etched their place in the global market. These coins offer a simple and affordable means to incorporate silver into your portfolio.

4. United States Government Guarantee

American Eagle Silver Bullion Coins carry the honor of being the only silver bullion coin globally with a guarantee from the United States Government regarding its weight, content, and purity. Investors can purchase these coins with confidence for their specified amount of silver. 

5. Eligible for GOLD Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

More than 60 million people in the US have individual retirement accounts (IRAs), like traditional or Roth IRAs. Many American Eagle Silver Coins are significant collectors' collectibles and qualify for US GOLD Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs). That's right! These classic silver coins can expand retirement portfolios and make investing a numismatic experience. These historically significant and artistically beautiful coins make them a unique retirement planning asset.

6. Most Beautiful American Coins Ever Minted

Beyond their excellent purity, the coin's front side, or obverse, draws inspiration from Adolph A. Weinman's 1916 “Walking Liberty” half a dollar. On the reverse, you'll find a redesigned image featuring an eagle mid-landing, carrying an oak branch as if adding to a nest. Emily Damstra, a designer from the Artistic Infusion Program, drafted this new design.

The inscriptions on the obverse include “LIBERTY,” “IN GOD WE TRUST,” the year, and the artist's initials. Meanwhile, the reverse side bears inscriptions such as “UNITED STATES OF AMERICA,” “E PLURIBUS UNUM,” “1 OZ. FINE SILVER,” and “ONE DOLLAR.” 

Not only an investment, these coins are masterpieces and the most gorgeous American coins ever struck.

7. Official Motto of the United States

Obverse Inscriptions “In God, We Trust” has been the official motto of the United States since 1956. This replaced the previous one, “E pluribus unum.” It first appeared on coins in 1864 and later became a law for all US currency in 1955. The motto's history involves its initial appearance on coins, controversies, and its eventual mandate on all US coins by 1938. 

The phrase gained broader acceptance during the 1950s, influenced by the Cold War and conservative values. Beyond currency, it became the national motto and is displayed in government institutions. 

8. E PLURIBUS UNUM – One from Many

The reverse inscription “E PLURIBUS UNUM” is a Latin phrase that means ‘one from many.' It was chosen for the Continental Congress when a single country was created from the thirteen colonies. The word appears on the Great Seal of the United States and many US coins.

9. Reverse Sculptor – Michael Gaudioso

The coin's reverse sculpture was brought to life by Michael Gaudioso. With an extensive background, he dedicated over a decade to the US Mint in roles such as Medallic Artist, Sculptor, and Engraver. His notable contribution includes sculpting Emily Damstra's new Type 2 – 2021 Silver Eagle reverse design. This marks a significant milestone in the Silver Eagle Series, as it represents the first time in over 30 years that the United States Mint has approved a noteworthy design change for the reverse side of the coin.

10. Collectible Value up to $10,000.

Several Silver Eagles are valuable as collectibles; some collectors are ready to spend thousands of dollars on each. For example, PCGS or NGC MS 70 are examples of the 1999 edition (minted between 1990 and 1999) that may fetch prices up to $10,000. Notably, 1 oz Silver Eagles is calculated based on live silver spot price plus a dealer premium. As of today's date in January 2024, the price of a 1 oz Silver Eagle varies between $27 and $30.



The facts about the American Silver Eagle are fascinating. For those who are looking for solid investment-grade bullion products, American Silver Eagle is the best choice of all. At BOLD Precious Metals, you can purchase genuine American Eagle Silver coins at the most competitive market price. Also, check out the other metal variants of the American Eagle Series, like Gold and Platinum, to broaden your collection!

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