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Marsello and Cin7 integration partnership. Both logos are featured side-by-side..

Connect Marsello to Cin7 to power your marketing for better results

We’re excited to announce our new integration with Cin7’s inventory management system. Now, you can easily pair your Cin7 POS and online store with your all-in-one marketing platform. Run data-driven campaign marketing; create a seamless loyalty program for retail, and eCommerce customers; generate undeniable discounts that get customers shopping; gather customer feedback and grow your marketing list through customer data collection, and so much more – all in one place!

So how does Marsello for Cin7 work?

Marsello was developed with omnichannel retailers in mind! Now, you’ll have access to powerful, comprehensive marketing both in-store and online, and all from within the one app! Marsello works with both SKU-level purchase data and customer behavior (in-store and online) to suggest and trigger targeted and timely marketing, giving you the power to reach the right customers, at the right time, with the right message!

The Marsello + Cin7 integration allows you to:

  • easily create and promote discounts that work both in-store and online.

  • remove or ‘blacklist’ customers, allowing you to differentiate your marketing between regular customers and wholesale clients. 

  • market your omnichannel store across all sales channels through multiple campaign types, marketing strategies, and data-driven tools (marketing that gets results both in-store and online).

Setting up Marsello for Cin7

The set-up process for adding Marsello to your Cin7 POS is simple! Once you’ve downloaded the Marsello Chrome Extension from the Google Chrome Extensions Web Store, you’re just a few clicks away from creating powerful marketing both in-store and online! If you’re ready to get started with Marsello for Cin7, you’ll find several helpful articles within our Help Center:

Final Words

Marsello for Cin7 gives you the ability to create powerful marketing while using industry-leading marketing tools across all sales channels, and all within one easy-to-use app. 

Whether you’re looking to market to customers through email, SMS, or promotional campaigns, or you’re wanting to automate a loyalty program that encourages customer retention, acquisitions, and engagement for both your Cin7 POS and online store, the options are endless – learn about Marsello’s full list of features here.

Special thanks to our friends at Marsello for their insights on this topic.

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