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Introducing New Ways For Shopify Partners To Earn


The commerce industry is one of constant growth and constant change. To be successful, merchants need to adapt to a fast-evolving commerce landscape that poses more challenges than ever before—from increasing acquisition costs to rising consumer expectations

Shopify, and Shopify Plus, is built to meet these challenges. As a Shopify Partner, you’re uniquely positioned to help merchants navigate the complexity of the landscape, and help them find the best solutions for their business. 

How can you boost your revenue as a Shopify Partner?

At Shopify, we want to reward partners when they help merchants grow on our platform. 

We recently announced significant enhancements to how Shopify Partners can earn revenue when referring merchants who are ready for Shopify Plus. These updates will help you invest in growing your business and create more amazing experiences for Shopify merchants.

To start, all Shopify Partners can earn recurring revenue on their merchant’s Shopify Plus plan for the lifetime of the merchant’s contract. In addition to this recurring revenue share, we’ve expanded our plan promotions in 2023 to give partners more opportunities to earn revenue for the stores they build on and refer to Shopify Plus. If you are referring and closing multiple Shopify Plus deals, you’ll earn more. And when you introduce and collaborate with Shopify to help close named strategic accounts, you’ll earn more, too.

We’ve also recently introduced product referral promotions to keep pace with our product innovation. Under the new program, partners receive bonuses for every new merchant they refer to POS Pro, the top subscription tier for our point-of-sale software. US partners can also earn more when they launch merchants on Markets Pro, our software that helps merchants sell and scale internationally. 

Combined, these new program offerings will reward our partner community for the value they bring to the ecosystem, and allow them to reinvest back into their own business. For more information on how to earn more revenue as a Shopify Partner, details on the earnings, and the terms and conditions, visit our Help Center.

How to identify when a merchant is ready for Shopify Plus

Strong Shopify Plus candidates show signs of momentum and often experience barriers to growth. Here are a few examples of what to look out for:

  • Your client is trying to increase traffic to their store or conversions, average order value, and repeat purchases.
  • Your client’s gross merchandise value is growing year over year, triggering the need for additional support and features to help them scale. 
  • Your client’s on-premise platform crashes during high-volume periods.
  • The cost of IT maintenance is exponentially increasing as your client’s company grows past $500,000 per year.
  • Your client needs more stores for international expansion, so they can display local languages, currencies, and taxes on each store.

Shopify Plus can help in all of these situations. The flexible platform includes tools that help merchants attract and retain customers with social media, advanced email marketing, and SEO, as well as checkout customization, advanced discount logic, and customer segmentation. There’s also a massive ecosystem of apps to enhance the Shopify Plus functionality. 

Shopify Plus has unlimited potential for growth, is easy to use, optimized for conversion, and solves commerce problems with automation. Partners can help large and enterprise merchants deploy complex promotion rules with Shopify Scripts, customize the checkout experience, and sync inventory and product data across all of their international sites. New capabilities and features are added all the time. 

Learn more about how to successfully pitch Shopify Plus.

How to identify when a merchant is a fit for Shopify POS

Shopify isn’t just a solution for your clients to sell online. It’s an entire platform that enables your clients to sell anywhere. 

Brands that use Shopify to sell both online and in-person are able to save time and earn more revenue than they would with disjointed systems. 

Shopify’s point of sale (POS) offers the best omnichannel solution for retailers selling online and in-person, providing a single admin to manage inventory, customers, orders, products, and more. This streamlines purchases and accounts across ecommerce and brick and mortar shops, enabling your clients to generate more income across all channels, thus directly impacting your client’s bottom line and capacity for growth.

Traditional brick and mortar retailers are a great fit for Shopify POS. Merchants in these categories are a good fit for Shopify POS: apparel and accessories, sporting goods, shoes, gift shops, prepared food or boutique style grocery, furniture, electronics, arts and crafts and home and garden. Merchants such as restaurants, cafes, regulated industries and those that require fractional pricing are not recommended. 

If you think your client is a good fit for Shopify Plus or Shopify POS, get started here

Get started earning revenue as a Shopify Partner

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Grow as a Shopify Partner

As a Shopify Partner, you make it possible for our merchants to build and scale their business. With the new plan and product rewards from Shopify, you can earn more revenue to invest back into your business to accelerate your growth. And these updates are just the beginning.

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This article originally appeared on the Shopify Web Design and Development blog and is made available here to educate and cast a wider net of discovery.
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