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Introducing New Ways To Gain Skills Through Shopify Certifications


Today’s commerce landscape is marked by ever-evolving trends and frequent product updates. It can be hard to keep track of what information you really need to know and what skills you need to learn in order for your business to thrive. 

Over the last few years, Shopify Academy has helped you learn what you want, the way you want. The collection of self-paced courses, guides, and exams enables you and your team to develop critical commerce skills, test your knowledge, and demonstrate your expertise as a Shopify Partner.

Now we’re taking it a step further by launching Shopify Certifications, a new program that helps accelerate your knowledge of Shopify products and business foundations to win more business. Earn badges for the skills you acquire to display your expertise to clients. 

Read on to find out how you can gain new skills and earn credentials to differentiate your business as a Shopify Partner.

Grow your knowledge with comprehensive education

The new comprehensive training program is designed to help partners establish and develop expertise in Shopify solutions as well as accelerate and expand their business knowledge and technical capabilities. 

The self-paced courses are a shortcut on your journey to success in your business with Shopify. At the end of each completed learning path you’ll receive digital badges, microcredentials, and certificates to acknowledge your achievement. 

The first learning path, Foundations, is focused on building and scaling your Shopify practice. The eight included courses cover areas such as how to pitch and position your Shopify offering, expanding your business with Shopify Plus merchants, and supporting your merchants in going global. 

Here’s a breakdown of each course and what you will learn:

  • Shopify 101: Understand Shopify’s mission and values, the Shopify platform, and how you can help support merchant success.
  • Working with Merchants: Discover the best ways to build trust with merchants, how to help merchants set goals for their business, and how to support them through every stage of their journey.
  • POS and Retail: Dive deep into Shopify's point of sale product and how you can earn revenue unifying your client's operations.
  • Cross-Border Selling: Get the lowdown on Shopify Markets and how you can solve merchants’ biggest challenge to growth: internationalization.
  • Intro to Developer Opportunities: Explore how developers can use their skill sets to support Shopify merchants and earn recurring revenue to invest back in their business.
  • Intro to Marketing: Learn marketing best practices for ecommerce, how Shopify supports marketing, and how you can help merchants with marketing strategy and execution. 
  • Shopify Data and Analytics 101: Understand how data and analytics are used on the Shopify platform by merchants, and how you can help merchants increase their business success with data and analytics. 
  • Shopify Plus: Find out everything you need to know about the Shopify Plus plan, the Shopify Plus partner program, how its offerings help merchants succeed, and how to identify and refer prospective Shopify Plus merchants. 

The new education program also introduces our Partner Education Series, including our first courses on Customizing Shopify Checkout. Through this course, partners can learn how to customize Shopify Checkout and maximize opportunities to upgrade merchants. We’ll be launching more advanced learning paths over the coming months. For example, be sure to keep an eye out for upcoming technical certifications aimed specifically at developers and consultants this Summer.

For more information on the new certifications and courses, browse Shopify Academy.

Learn your way with self-paced courses 

The interactive content within each individual course will help you further develop and deepen your knowledge of Shopify, as well as uncover new ways to advance your business strategy.

Shopify Certifications enable you to gauge your expertise, identify where you have room to learn and grow as a professional, and help you and your team measure, deepen, and maintain your Shopify skill set. 

With the Foundations learning path, you’ll be prepared to tackle new business opportunities, build trust with prospective clients, and ultimately help merchants of all sizes find success.

The perk of this certification program is that it’s flexible: you learn what you want, when you want. Access courses in any order, and complete them within a timeframe you define.

And if you’ve already mastered the course topics, you can use the courses to help onboard new hires or educate members of your team that need more context. This can help ensure everyone on your team has a thorough understanding of working on the Shopify platform.

Get started with Shopify Academy

Ready to learn critical commerce skills, test your knowledge, and get started on the right foot as a Shopify Partner? Enroll in your first Shopify Academy course today, and start developing the skills you need to help your business grow.

Not yet a Shopify Partner? Sign up today.

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This article originally appeared on the Shopify Web Design and Development blog and is made available here to educate and cast a wider net of discovery.
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